Hi! My name is Allie Sherlock, I'm 16 years old from Ireland, I've been playing guitar 6 years,😀

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  1. Dale Jordan

    Absolutely breathtaking, love her voice

  2. MrDougedw01

    I love u both..Bellisimo

  3. Gerry Finegan

    Beautiful guitar by Phily Cambell and of course the incomparable Allie Sherlock ....who was not sure of the start....Lord she "got it" really quickly 😍

  4. De Nacht Conducteur

    Fresh haircut

  5. Italiano e Musicas

    Bravissimi ragazzi.

  6. Gerry Finegan

    Emotional Song... but beautifully captured by Allie. Who now is also a brilliant creator as well as an interpreter & performer. Best Wishes & stay true to your art. Your a marvel!

  7. Ray DavisR991A

    Senssational...There that is the stimplest way to say it!!!

  8. Toni Youngblood

    Wow!! Really good!! 💞

  9. Adriano Souza

    Algum BR representando?

  10. Eric Dumais

    je vois que ton colle ge quiffe et ja suis d accord

  11. Classy Pomeranian

    michael jackson is praising you from heaven

  12. Lee Palmer

    i noticed they couldnt get it together b4 the song had ended cool though ide like to see ya all together after a rehearsal maybe hehe

  13. Alannah Buffalo

    omg when I first watched this video and I fell in love with it and I fell in love with your voice too I love grace vanderwaal too she's beautiful and has a beautiful voice too I'm a ukulele player I wanna be just like grace vanderwaal when I grow up :)

  14. CatMajella

    So lovely Allie & Cuan ... Hello from Lausanne. Have lovely memories of you singing in Grafton Street Allie !! You're a star !!

  15. Claus Andersen

    Always a pleasure to here you two singing. This a comment from a Big fan in Denmark.

  16. Chuck Lindsley

    Love all of your music but this is my favorite. Stay true to you. Don't ever change

  17. Debi Taylor


  18. Ravi Ranjan

    You are the extra creature in this world.. Who has melodious sound and voice😇

  19. Ravi Ranjan

    Always feel pleasure after listening your voice 🥺🎺🎸🎻🤩

  20. cerise

    magnifique ! super !

  21. Ravi Ranjan

    Where are you Allie Sherlock? I have been waiting for your new post 😑?

  22. Crypto Bull

    Great content.

  23. Jesse fernandes

    Castanhal/Pá/Brasil, música excelente!!!

  24. mark thomas

    Why does this bring tears to my eyes?

  25. Amber Kemp

    wow WOW.

  26. Winston Smith

    She don't need no mic!

  27. Frank Maguire

    Brilliant. Like the outdoor setting. I was curious... What brand guitar are you using? Well done.

  28. Roy Meynell

    Lovely girl beautiful song ,and guy is great also .

  29. Roy Meynell

    Beautiful beautiful

  30. marlon caesar

    I tell you if you now who IS And you too my Heart

  31. Liliana Sawaryn


  32. Harbinger

    Just wondering, what microphone model is that? It sounds great🤔🤔

  33. Syleena Dawn

    I love her music!!! The only thing that gets me is the clickbait titles lol. It's not just a guy, she sings with this guy all the time, the title makes it sound like random person who was watching.

  34. Cathy Prince

    Ah just beautiful 🤩

  35. Sharen Compasso


  36. Khushi Choudhary

    Felt like I switched from pop to opera

  37. Renato Suniega

    awesome voices,,,

  38. marlon caesar

    Nice my Heart you now us

  39. Sujono

    Honestly this really makes my coffee run out quickly enjoy the loud chant we are beautiful 💞, I think I save my book first to enjoy the sound up and down the beautiful offerings You are beautiful.

  40. Renato Suniega

    wonderfully beautiful blend Jason Mraz song,

  41. Manfred Sigmund


  42. Sujono

    It's really amazing to cheer me up before the night dream, thank you very much ... I am Sujono in Indonesia 🇮🇩💞💞, I keep following your RUpost channel you are beautiful 🙌🙌😀😀😀

  43. marlon caesar

    Thingks thingks thingks thingks thingks thingks just you

  44. Sujono

    Okay .. I'm ready to dive into the beautiful strands and the melody of your voice is beautiful ... ❤️💕💗, I'm sujono in Indonesia 🇮🇩 👍👍👍💞💞

  45. Recall

    She certainly aged well

  46. Recall

    What a cracking pair! Singers aren’t bad either

  47. Dennis Renner

    Doin' what she loves.

  48. Kearah Hilton

    allie you are really good at this please do more grace vanderwaal.💙💜💕you go girl. Girls do rule the world.

  49. Maam Rich TV

    Absolutely great! Very empowering❣️

  50. marlon caesar

    Yes Michel you girl inisde me all dôme with yes Michel she IS my

  51. 羽生浩実

    Thank you very much.

  52. Arteliz Surprise

    All beautiful, voices just amazing , also those precious smiles!

  53. Alpine McPatrick

    Allie Sherlock you're such an amazing singer, your tone is so mesmerizing!!! God bless

  54. Christina Van Patten

    Please make music, I want to listen to you o the radio!

  55. Montana Sacra


  56. Emily Mann

    Allies voice is amazing literally sat crying at all her videos her voice is just wow 🤩

  57. Ranee Naomi

    You look & sound gorgeous, Allie, and genuinely happy! Wonderful to see you looking free & fantastic!!🤓🎤🎸🥁🌊⛱️♈🔥🌈✨

  58. Sarah Miriam

    literal chills

  59. Mark Spraggs

    They will go far,get some pubs clubs and outside venues you will be sorted trust me PUSH YOURSELVES.XX

  60. luisin espu


  61. Jon Kourbelis

    Big Fan love your Music... Has anyone Offered you a Singing contract,,, If not they are stupid ..Beautiful voice ...:)

  62. Luz Martinez

    why isnt she famous yet?

  63. Mike Brison

    When does the band start playing?

  64. Sebastian Erik

    Jadi pingen jadi gitar nya

  65. Majid Daraoui


  66. Rosane Molina

    Allie amamos você 💖

  67. rip vanwincle


  68. мидория плисецкий а что

    Its wonderful !

  69. Led Zeppelin

    Fantastica, strepitosa.

  70. Esperanza Díaz Santamaría

    Magnifica 👍

  71. diamondだいやもんど

    I’m japanese.your song is beautiful.

  72. theneification

    Kind of sounds like Zhavia’s version

  73. Angoe Thomsen

    The Original is the best!

  74. gerald purvin


  75. Thomas M Leahy

    Shawn and Camila- who dat? 👍👍❤️👍

  76. Jeus Elijah Cari H. Revina

    you have a very nice voice!😍🥰❤ I hope you notice me!

  77. JeMiero

    Try Disintegration instead.

  78. dieter truskawa

    Genial die Stimme

  79. Dennis Moeller

    Very well done Allie Bravo Bravo

  80. Michael Lindfors

    This is so bad. Sorry