Adele - Turning Tables | Allie Sherlock Cover

Allie Sherlock

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    Hey guys, here is my cover of "Turning Tables" by Adele.
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    1. Claudio Carbone

      Goosebumps Allie♥️no words to describe your voice

    2. Rev LMP

      Nononono this girl is under rated?!!!!!

    3. mike greathouse

      Olive this performance

    4. Andreon Azevedo

      Sing " one of us "

    5. Juna Music

      your high notes getting better and better, wow, Allie!!! you are so amazing!

    6. Evergreen Spring

      The little girl getting closer was cute. The written words r missing most. It can,t understand her.

    7. Bryan Robb

      Holy Christ, take my money

    8. mike greathouse

      This is one I listen to. Thanks Allie.

    9. Antonio Carlos Carvalho

      Que voz é essa sua linda? Tens um fã aqui na Bahia Brasil

    10. Jerome Tundag

      Ilove you allie😍😘😙

    11. Mike Fas


    12. andres vertis

      no mask free where is this place ¡?

    13. Jorge C

      where are the masks?

    14. Joseph Jackson

      I believe most the people walking don’t know who Allie is and that this is a Adele song. Betcha. Many people barely listen to music. You could have Kelly Clarkson standing there singing and they would have no clue

    15. Joseph Jackson

      Listen to these reaction videos! Many of them don’t know the songs, who the artist is, don’t research anything about what their seeing, compare studio mixed material which barely represents the quality of a singers real voice with a singer who is singing with no aid from a computer. Some don’t even know the difference. Don’t they know they have to put some effort into their RUpost video! What do you guys think?

    16. Joseph Jackson

      I listen to a lot of singers and even with the aids of studio, backup singers, instruments and electronically mixed voice, Allie matches them in many cases with a guitar and a street amplifier. Amazing!

    17. Jorge Oliveira

      De que país és tu senhorita Allie ?

    18. Thelma Dunkley

      Text Now:(Eight>Five>Six) (Three>Two>Four) (Seven>One>Four>Eight)

    19. Rostislav Pokorný

      Zpíváš nádherně, ale na tu kytaru bys hrát neměla

    20. Julien Roué

      Quelle voix ! C'est dingue

    21. Евгений Медведев


    22. Mario Garofalo

      Original voice! Pure talent! Great Allie!

    23. mike greathouse

      Your voice in this song has a melting feeling that takes you for a ride with the music. Very nice song to listen to well done Miss. Sherlock.

    24. Cupangaja Astra Jayabetta

      im here honey❤️ i stay for you❤️i love you ❤️ bye in mydream❤️ i get you❤️

    25. Saul Cavan

      Comment font tout ces gens qui passent pour ne pas s'arrêter et écouter ??? 😱🥶

      1. doli prane

        Ils sont pressés, ne prennent plus le temps ou ne l’ont simplement plus.

    26. lee pennell

      Wow after a particularly heavy week in work I stumbled across this young lady this evening. WOWED 👏 WHAT A FUTURE 🌟 Well done girl and thanks for making me smile x

    27. rooomnoob

      1:32 blue man's blazed af

    28. Amie Eyre

      This is perfect u didn’t go too far with the vocals and u also went soft

    29. M. ESA21

      Speechless ♥️

    30. Fighting Irish

      Allie you will be a ⭐ one day mark my words!

    31. dammmiii revereaz :; ryan rhino rock n roll

      Hollleeeeh aunty Sophie 2

    32. Sonia Maria Costa de Souza

      Meus Parabéns cantar muito.

    33. Sandra K

      How sad that the cafe behind her is closing.

    34. mike greathouse

      The little girl knows

    35. Jussara Brito

      Perfect Allie

    36. kifaru8

      I can only say this once , a true gift from GOD ,.

    37. Great Life

      Love your voice allie

    38. Joffri Roodselaar

      i feel like booking a flight to dublin and just take my chances to witness this. really do.

    39. 곽철용


    40. mike greathouse

      Nice performance Allie Sherlock. Adele what do you think?

    41. dammmiii revereaz :; ryan rhino rock n roll

      Hoooooooooohhhhhh .......dammi revearez

      1. dammmiii revereaz :; ryan rhino rock n roll

        Hmmmmmm ....a whasssaaadddaaasss?

    42. Andres Montoya Henao

      where was it recorded ? anyone knows ?

    43. Lily Bingham

      What a talent what a voice i wish i had even a speck of your musicality i wish you success all the way here from borneo x

    44. HeMI YaGa


    45. Ka Te


    46. Alisienne D'Angoulême

      Perhaps that little girl was watching & listening & thinking "I'm gonna sing like that lady" when I grow up .....

    47. Who's this guy?

      This is amazing! Much love from PH!

    48. CringyCruz

      Why was almost everyone not wearing a mask

    49. Jorge Luiz Miranda

      Hello, girl!!! I"m from Brazil. I love very much when you sing. You're wonderful. God bless you forever.

    50. Allison Brody

    51. Andy Wasserman

      Sad to see Bewly’s closed their doors. Time of the signs with COVID. Sad.

    52. Gomolemo Moloto

      Wow Beautiful Voice

    53. mike greathouse

      Adele Who?

    54. Terri Mize


    55. FAPMTC Music Studio

      this is so amazing

    56. Philippe Sene

      Wonderful Allie Thé most talents of hér génération Thé most beautiful girl i ever Seen Thé most clever face of thé world

    57. Ananya

      You sound a bit like ur voice Allie❤️❤️

    58. Trovão Treze

      Like do ⚡#TROVÃOTREZE

    59. Eugene S

      Цветок раскрывается с каждым годом все красивее и красивее 😘

    60. jacques carlier

      Quelle voix ... a quand une rencontre en Europe....

    61. Doreen Hansen

      Nice leather chairs round tables candles 🕯 listen to you

    62. Doreen Hansen

      You belong in a nice lounge get out of the cold.

    63. Doreen Hansen


    64. Doreen Hansen

      I’m playing air guitar listening 👂 to you 😊❤️

    65. Doreen Hansen

      Sing it girl

    66. dicentrarcuslabrax

      Allie is super! but...just a couple of masks...what about covid there?

    67. Anderson jose da Silva

      Linda voz...


      amazing performance

    69. Azqia Nurkholis


    70. mtdstc

      She's cute but that's all


      hey Simon look at this for talent wow

    72. bill baker

      At 3:02 even the gulls gave a special shout out for Allie and her superb performance!

    73. SERBU - Seram Buru

      I love your voice, it really makes me calm, ... I'm from Indonesia

    74. ma


    75. Curtis Fogleman

      Nailed it Allie!!!👀✅👍🐕

    76. Donovan Phillips


    77. Malcolm Corner

      Very talented to sing and play flawlessly. Well done

    78. Paulo Lovato

      Muito bom. Parabéns!!!!

    79. grey_ldn


    80. Chris Cars

      Such a beautiful voice keep it up with great videos

    81. Adriana Barros Dantas

      Parabéns muito Bom

    82. rpgrynn

      Very Transparent and Subtle Complexity - Great rendition, can listen to this over again

    83. Mickie Jonesy

      Gorgeous cover Allie! Perfectly beautiful! 💖💖💖💖💖

    84. Adrian Diaz


    85. Chemcafe AB Sir

      wonderful-God bless!

    86. skarath

      Very nice and I like the guitar work too :)

    87. Quimo Ortega

      Cantas hernoso y eres muy bonita 😘😘😘😘😘

    88. The Begg Family Antics

      What did you do before you had the iPhone for your lyrics!

    89. beto Burgos

      Hermosa desde Argentina tu fans

    90. Nick B

      At last you are final connecting emotionally with your music. You've always had an incredible voice..awesome 👌

    91. Juan Cárdenas

      Bravo me encanta escuchar tus interpretaciones solo queda decir bravo

    92. Calon Mayyit

      Cover at my worts

      1. Calon Mayyit


    93. jo

      The little girl up the front has the best seat in the house !!...

    94. Tim West

      What you folks don't understand is she's making a couple million a year with these You Tube videos. There is a method to her madness!

    95. Storm Rydaz

      May Peace And Blessings Be Upon You 💕 Wassup Allie...

    96. Nick Santos

      this sing is so good and your voice is just -

    97. Florent ROY

      Thank you Allie ! Thank you and well done ! Flo

    98. Gerson Ramos

      Brazil no vaccine no Lockdown.


      Allie linda! Maravilhosa!

    100. Ruy Fonseca

      Allie Sherlock boa noite 🌙...👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🌹🌹🌹