I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS TO HAPPEN | The Police - Every Breath You Take | Allie Sherlock cover

Allie Sherlock

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    Hi all, this was a new song I just learned this week, and I didn't even ask The 3 Busketeers to learn it. But surprisingly, while the band was taking a break, they decided to jump in and improvise and join me mid song.
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    1. FX World

      How does she sound better outside in the open air then 99% of people in studios? A very fantastic lady with an unbelievable voice..

      1. Bo Myers

        A very good mixer that cares about how she sounds!

      2. Seamus Traynor

        Allie makes the senses come alive so alive that you can see the hairs stand you can certainly feel them Live she is a Miracle to listen too :) 💖💖💖

      3. Wolfgang Lorenz

        @Russian vocalist ich habe mir den Vergleich mit Angelina gegönnt: und ich kann nur sagen, Allie's Stimme ist einzigartig. Das ist das Besondere an ihr. Geschulte Stimmen finde ich eher lanweilig, sie passen besser in klassische Musik.

      4. Rik Spilz

        @Russian vocalist So you are saying Allie is similar to Adele. Adele wasn't very successful was she lol. Not many people know about Lara, dimash and angelina but the world will know Allie Sherlock's name...

      5. Russian vocalist

        @westmus I agree but the art of a great voice is mastering singing technique. Lara fabian and dimash have mastered it, angelina has a very good voice and allie’s is average. Her tone is nice but she has vocal problems that will get worse if she doesnt improve technique, adele lost her voice and needed surgery because of it.

    2. Willy Hernandez

      Hi Ale supporting you from the Philippines,God Bless U ur family

    3. Mi M

      Wow. I did not even like that song from other singers before. i like yours, Allie.

    4. Sbarro

      Very nice guitar playing. Just a small suggestion, it looks like you recorded late afternoon and the sun was directly in yours and your bands eyes- not really safe or nice looking at squinting. Perhaps better to record when the sun is higher, like around noonish?

    5. Mike M

      Sooooh much talent‼️❤️❤️ AMAZING as always‼️ Must be my Irish blood, my grandmother was from County Cork...I could listen to you all day every day‼️

    6. Só pra adorar

      Hi Jesus alwas look after you.

    7. Valery Somiety

      This is not the city, yea

    8. John Deaton

    9. Glenn Hutchinson

      Love it you know how to bring it your destiny awaits

    10. John Ellis


    11. Dodie Anderson


    12. Lauren Felber

      Awesome....awesome awesome. So question. Where and how do you plug amps in.


      Congrats the guys back to you 😂😂

    14. DRW58

      Outstanding as usual Allie, you have a wonderful voice and presence👍👍👍 Take Care Stay Safe Everyone Regards Dave 👍😎🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    15. CarMadNoah

      Allie is so good at singing she inspires me to be more confident to sing and just be me :)

    16. Joseph Jackson

      Raw, talent, heart and not fake

    17. Ray DavisR991A

      Senssational...There that is the stimplest way to say it!!!

    18. Lee Palmer

      i noticed they couldnt get it together b4 the song had ended cool though ide like to see ya all together after a rehearsal maybe hehe

    19. Chuck Lindsley

      Love all of your music but this is my favorite. Stay true to you. Don't ever change

    20. Debi Taylor


    21. Ravi Ranjan

      You are the extra creature in this world.. Who has melodious sound and voice😇

    22. Winston Smith

      She don't need no mic!

    23. Frank Maguire

      Brilliant. Like the outdoor setting. I was curious... What brand guitar are you using? Well done.

    24. Sujono

      It's really amazing to cheer me up before the night dream, thank you very much ... I am Sujono in Indonesia 🇮🇩💞💞, I keep following your RUpost channel you are beautiful 🙌🙌😀😀😀

    25. Jon Kourbelis

      Big Fan love your Music... Has anyone Offered you a Singing contract,,, If not they are stupid ..Beautiful voice ...:)

    26. Mike Brison

      When does the band start playing?

    27. Esperanza Díaz Santamaría

      Magnifica 👍

    28. CAS santos


    29. Peter Pan

      Every breath you take Every move you make Every bond you break Every step you take I'll be watching you Every single day Every word you say Every game you play Every night you stay I'll be watching you Oh, can't you see You belong to me How my poor heart aches With every step you take Every move you make Every vow you break Every smile you fake Every claim you stake I'll be watching you Since you've gone I've been lost without a trace I dream at night I can only see your face I look around but it's you I can't replace I feel so cold and I long for your embrace I keep crying baby, baby please Oh, can't you see You belong to me How my poor heart aches With every step you take Every move you make Every vow you break Every smile you fake Every claim you stake I'll be watching…

    30. Elizabeth Kleven

      Oh my! I'm in love with her voice 😍 and I also love her band!

    31. Craig F

      Allie belts out another jaw dropping rendition while three more instruments are slowly added to the song. To the listener, they added nothing. Couldn't really hear them. Which was good. I kept thinking I was about to hear some intrusive noise that would detract from Allie's amazing vocals. Glad I didn't.

    32. Fabiano Vieira

      Show, muito top, adoro ouvila

    33. Thomas Haller Buchanan

      The high notes are superb, as is her splendid command of the guitar. She really doesn't need a band, sorry guys.

    34. Luc Tremblay

      The future’s yours, you’re the best, Lianne from 🇨🇦.

    35. Marc Barrios

      New guitar 😍🥵

    36. Ruben Zavala

      Muchacha q voz tan bonita

    37. Michael Frazer

      Thank You

    38. Bevey Dillon

      You sound very good

    39. P C

      What a beautiful beautiful voice, God bless you!

    40. Momo Parent

      Just when I thought you couldn’t get any better! Beautiful voice!!💕

    41. Patrick Hurst

      Truly awesome

    42. cristina almeida

      Uma carícia para a alma ♡

    43. Traci Bricker


    44. Psongman

      Wow, she really nails this song. Her guitar and her voice sound quite a bit better than those street offerings, not sure why, but them's the happenings!

    45. Dave B

      Love all you guys! Great talent!

    46. Southern Comfort

      It must be chilly there, I noticed the drummer zipping up his jacket.

      1. Southern Comfort

        @Henry Dochar 1955 Looks like a beautiful place but I love hot weather, at least 85 degrees!

      2. Henry Dochar 1955

        Malahide beach is more than 53 degrees north, in early April with the sun about to set. Its rarely gets above 70 even in peak of the summer, but rarely gets snow either.

    47. Southern Comfort

      Ok, what was that little creature that ran behind the band after the drummer sat down?

    48. JeMiero

      Why this stupid clickbait headlines?

    49. tutehau puairau


    50. Steven Gerald

      Your performances speak for themselves.. You dont need to clickbait titles anymore

    51. altos chilean

      Muy buena me gusto mucho tu cover .

    52. Ted Bartlett Video Channel

      If your going to cover a classic like this at least try to sing something like the correct lyrics otherwise it sounds like busking and your better than that!!

    53. Nicky Waserstein

      Well done with song guitar and voice absolutely amazing ❤️Love!

    54. Eleazar Fredes

      Oulala ❤️ ma chanson préférée des années 80 ❤️❤️❤️

    55. Patrick Pereira

      Muito talento dessa guria 💙

    56. Nsync Nsync

      Oh please buy that girl a teleprompter 🙏

    57. TheReisetante

      Where was this video taken? Love your Music! Subscribed!

    58. Bruno Coutu

      Allie your onfire

    59. Mick Corbett

      Lovely guitar player too. A real musician. Just hopes she composes her own material in the future & extends her amazing vocal range.

    60. John Balladear

      Lovely singing, especially love your guitar playing and its tone.

    61. Mike Williams

      Learn the words for ****sake because you have a cracking voice

    62. G WS

      1:05 dont mind me just strolling by

    63. TOM Flanagan

      These guys could tour downunder🇦🇺. She is ready! The band is in sync.

    64. Suzy C

      You have such a lovely voice Allie, keep killing it. But also.... did anyone else notice the tiniest dog ever at 1:05 ??

    65. Simon Anderson

      Cool to see your guitar playing getting heaps better over the last year! Super hard to finger pick and sing at the same time and keeping both your voice and picking out of sync enough to keep it interesting... You're heaps more confident because you're heaps better at it!

    66. Dario Costales

      Watching now here in the Philppines

    67. nomelz

      Just had to add a second comment, I grew up with this music and I was never a fan of the "Police ",but I have been a fan of Allies for 4 years watching her grow into an amazing young woman, this rendition for me is so much better than the original, Allie you probably won't read this but thank you for sharing your talent, as always I wish you well stay safe Allie,

    68. Jim Clarke


    69. Mario Curtis

      I am pleased to find I'm not the only one to use a tablet or mobile for the lyrics.

    70. Shy Es

      Diosito, quiero su voz

    71. Tim Mooney

      If I were you, I’d keep that arrangement. Solo for the first verse and full band at the bridge and for the last time through.

    72. Yopi andri

      Yang belakang gitarisnya blo'0n.. hahaa👎

    73. Karl Morrow

      I see you found your band. You make a lot of people feel good. Keep up the good works

    74. Edwin Martinez

      This girl is great the rest stay home useless she don't need them very unprepared

    75. Руслан Зубаиров

      Nice круто🥰

    76. Frank G. 370


    77. M Potter

      your voice is beautiful girl

    78. Herbert Aguon

      Wow, you've got that beautiful voice ❤️🤙🏼👍🏻🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    79. Transistor Radio Records

      and the best part of the video? The lil dog at 1:05!

    80. Sophie Kotomski

      Sing It Allie!

    81. Free Fare

      Allie, sing high hopes. It was beautiful in your voice!

    82. Skrailing

      You are not Alanis Moursette. Once you quit trying to sing like someone else, you may have some success.


      Ally just gets better and so natural makes the outdoors her stage,


      Caramba....vc é demais....amei...perfeita. abraço do Brasil ♥️🇧🇷

    85. Sharyn Wyatt

      Alie has such high quality voice. Her voice is Great keep the Great Music coming.

    86. Andrea Berkowitz


    87. Chris Quinn

      Obviously Allie is awesome but the little visitor that shows up in the background at 0:55 is hilarious!

    88. Chris Gar


    89. Dean D

      Great rendition Allie. You have a fantastic voice

    90. Massimo Garaventa

      Maybe not everyone knows this isn't a love song. Sting explained times ago, that is the point of view of a stalker. If you listen careful the lyric you realize that it's true, because her cut the bond. Quite creepy isn't it?

    91. PurpleDahlia

      absolutely perfection.

    92. Steve Rose

      Better than the original.

    93. Saulo Falcon


    94. mrtips

      She did not need them anyway but I must be deaf bcs I couldn't hear the other musicians at all

    95. Lynn Wetz

      Lovely, and your Busketeers rock, literally.

    96. James Staffan

      love it, just need the right lyrics!! lol...she is awesome though

    97. simmosimmo100

      I rated her a couple of years ago, but she has not improved.

    98. Mark G


    99. Julia Walder

      I love this song it was in glee and a episode of dancing with the stars and pretty little liars.

    100. Rawlyroo

      This performance was awesome!