HER VOICE IS BEAUTIFUL | Ed Sheeran - Best Part of Me (ft. Yebba) | Allie Sherlock & Saibh S. cover

Allie Sherlock

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    Hey guys, this incredible song is "Ed Sheeran Best Part Of Me" I performed this with Saibh Skelly in Dublin, Ireland.
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    1. Bill Whitman

      Y'all make a great duet!

    2. James Schaller

      Saibh you are just great:)

    3. beanie0718

      Now Allie, I absolutely love your voice solo, but you and Saibh are a true match...need to start seriously recording and selling! Thumbs up to you both!!!!

    4. xerize

      idk y but here in this video i kinda ship them`🙃

    5. DK ela



      🇮🇩 mana suaranya...👏👏👏👍

    7. Joseph Kees

      You two have such beautiful harmony. Love it.

    8. Anthony Proffitt

      There harmonies remind me of ace of base.

    9. LoadingVern

      Saibh you should hold them notes longer with Allie! Yous have this amazing chemistry when harmonies come together! I could listen to yous 2 sing together for hours!

    10. Hernanda

      I will go to Ireland and sing the Ed's part 😁 wish it comes true

    11. Southern Comfort

      Two beautiful young ladies...

    12. Tiago CBS

      I’m brazilian. Your voices blend together perfectly!!! 🇧🇷

    13. Евгений Медведев


    14. Broto Suyatman


    15. Antonio Carlos Carvalho

      Show de bola sua linda. Tens um fã aqui na Bahia Brasil

    16. optik one

      Die beiden klingen so gut miteinander.

    17. Cacilda Luna Almeida


    18. Chuck Fitch

      maybe not play the guitar and just sing.

    19. Daniel Cristino

      desde argentina admiro tus videos , tus amigos tu musica

    20. Michel de Neef

      This is really great. Thank you.

    21. Indrajit Sardar

      Saibh is improving drastically..❤️❤️

    22. Marie Jones

      love your beautiful fresh faces and modest fits!!! stay strong don’t let THEM change you!

    23. Analytical Ranking

      You both are wonderful. Keep up the good work!

    24. William Beebe

      I'm a huge fan of all your music but your duets with Miss Skelly are the absolute best.

    25. Sandra K

      These two are so cute together!! Beautiful melodies!

    26. Robert ROll

      Just put a mike in front of Allie and you have an instant crowd, add someone else for a duet or a band and the crowd grows exponentially. Allie is a natural performer.

    27. Icecy That's My Style

      Beautiful voices from two stunning girls :)

    28. Thurein Phyo

      Yep. Both of them are amazing singers. But there are no emotions and they’re not feeling the song; not even a little bit. That is why they are “cover singers”. Check out the original. Yebba and Ed were so in the song.

    29. Breeze Superman

      Allies.. I have tip for you..my darling..

    30. Breeze Superman

      Very good music number one in the would..

    31. Azimjon Turgunov

      Allie Sherlock You are the best, we love you, respects from Uzbekistan 👍❤

    32. Klangraum

      2 lovely girls.

    33. Jim Sherlock

      2 incredible talents!!!!

    34. tuneplay77

      This song by the Saibh and Allie is so incredible awesome. I can see the natural tones combining with them, they know how to sing together. I'm in Rapid City South Dakota, USA, I love this song by the Ladies of Ireland. Thank you for sharing. This duet will and can make the mood in any venue, played.

    35. ilia bandilli


    36. its ballad

      Like you...😍 great voice...(from Indonesia)

    37. Justice4 JohnnyDepp

      So many people without masks. So disappointing, thankfully Allie was able to sing without feeling unsafe.

    38. Ginny Weasley


    39. الصحة والسلامة في أماكن العمل

      صوت جميل ، دائما متألقة شارلوك

      1. Great Life

        Hello, I download my dog vedios, I will appreciate you seeing them

    40. Ka Te


    41. Shamin Resandu


    42. joni madriyan

      you look alip bata fenomenal

    43. Char C.

      Love it when you two sing together!! 😊🤍✝️🙏🌻

    44. Ginger Fuller

      Allie girl is such a natural beauty!

    45. Sew Many Things

      I love the way Allie plays guitar💖

    46. Shayan BSH

      The new model of hair comes to you

    47. JMA

      A Allie sem os óculos ficou mais linda ainda.

    48. Travers 1

      I just need the you part.

    49. Travers 1

      Nice. I love it. It’s scary how much blend with the song.

    50. Adi Piero

      Hello Allie

    51. Lawrence Smyth

      You two beautiful girls sing beautifully together-thank you for your incredible contribution to music and song👏👏

    52. Александр Волченков

      I just noticed that the corners of your lips are looking down. This suggests that you are unhappy. I wish you as much happiness as you need! I doubt the correct translation! Google can distort everything ...

    53. Влад Сікорський

      Извините конечно, но с такими сисями , им даже петь не надо, можно просто стоять, и деньги будут давать 100 %

    54. Σόνιος Τζεβελάκης

      Respect and lot of love 🤗

    55. Pam McKinnis

      Really beautiful!

    56. Rosaida Salomende


    57. Chris Jeliaskoff

      Incredible more more more

    58. Courtney Chappell

      About the only thing I could suggest to you two beautiful ladies is keep up the good vibes 🤙🏼

    59. Радомир Лиханов

      hi from northern Yakutia yes I'm watching your video cool sing even more videos vylazhayte success enlightening your channel. See also where Yakutia is located

    60. Jose Portillo


    61. Lesley Bronson

      they look like sisters

    62. Volker Wolff

      E R oberto "0

    63. LibertyOrDeath 1775

      I guess having all 4 hush puppies out would have attracted the wrong crowd.

    64. Dane Gray

      Only 15 years old I think her future is in the music business that's a no-brainer she's only going to get better she's accomplished more at just her young age then some musicians their entire lives so refreshing to see some young people making something out of their lives even as messed up as this world is

    65. Dj Bub

      Your hair is gorgeous today, Allie! Love it.

    66. Chris Cars

      2 girls with amazing videos love it

    67. David Farley

      Sibbh, is the better singer at least you can understand her English when she's signing as with Allie it's like she's singing with food in her mouth

    68. Jurek Szymański

      Hi beautiful is your song and musc thank you very very mach bey bey 🇵🇱😍💪

    69. pablo lt03

      Isn't there coronavirus?

    70. Asteri Fernando

      Такие красавицы с прекрасным голосом- два ангела! Привет из России!😍

    71. Jam Gamma

      beaufitul voices, but i'd love to hear some originals. Covers are great, but unless they team up with a songwriter, or write themselves, i fear singing only covers might limit how far they can go.

    72. Andy S

      Both insanely beautiful and even more talented

    73. Luxur

      This is such a great song and for them to do it made it that much better 😁

    74. James Starnes

      I don’t know why but I like it

    75. Sam Richards

      So many chavs waking around in the background. Always walking twice as fast as everyone else in their active wear

    76. Larry Ott

      Best collaboration yet with Allie and Saibh. Very complimentary vocals.

    77. Neal Hill

      Beautiful singing once again

    78. Hector Baltazar


    79. Curtis Fogleman

      You girls!!!👀👀👀👍👍👍 Keep it UP!! The sky's the limit!! Be happy 😁😊

    80. Jorge Barranco

      Oh something is wrong here......oh i see!!!

    81. Doreen Hansen

      I’d sing for my family only you do not sing out there no more. You bring them in for a nice place to sit and listen 😊

    82. Doreen Hansen

      No more outside

    83. Doreen Hansen

      Well girl, time to bring your voice inside. They want to have a drink come see you.

    84. Raymond Carpio

      You are the treasure of your country need to carring all the time, and appreciate for the Singer best now 🌹🌹🌹💞💗💕🎶🎵🎀

    85. Brendan Fitzsimons

      Crowd shots are way too dizzy

    86. Chubb Rock

      What a lovely pair of....singers.

    87. LeDoTh Studio

      She's 15

    88. 洋楽和訳com

      “Million reasons” by lady Gaga This song will suit your voice for sure ;))))) Please 💕💕💕

    89. Steve Blake

      I. L O V E. H E R ♥

    90. Lauren Chester


    91. SetiaPutra Araqiib

      Hello i'm from Indonesia 🇮🇩

    92. Florent ROY

      Well done. So Nice. Flo

    93. king

      Dad, thank you for embracing and lifting up Saibh with Allie in the process of perfecting her voice.

    94. Merry Rhodes

      Simply beautiful. No words.

    95. Darron Moore

      Me _ sounds like a host of heavenly angels You_ you know it's a sin to lie Me _ well I never said that they were singing angels... Lol Just a joke...

    96. Bruno Côrte

      Allie and Saibh always sing and play so flawlessly! I love so much to see them performing together! 🥰🎵💖🎶👏

    97. Hans de Kruif

      So beautiful. My two favorite performers ❤

    98. Drummer Christian Hoffe

      Great performance!

    99. FertilityTV

      This could be the beginning of a big women duo... What do you think?

    100. Paolo Sub

      I love you both.....!!! 🥰😘