STRANGER JOINS WITH TROMBONE | Fall in Line-Christina Aguilera & Demi Lovato | Allie Sherlock Cover

Allie Sherlock

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS, This guy I never met just joined in with his Trombone and made the song extra special.
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    Опубликовано: Месяц назад


    1. Arief Affan

      Amazing ! your best performance ever ! A fan from malaysia. Like sikit org malaysia ...

      1. Arief Affan

        @shazelin eiderudin itu la tu hahhahaahha tak sangka ahahaahaa

      2. shazelin eiderudin

        Wahhh kene pin la broo💅

      3. Arief Affan

        @anis arzuzaman ye dooo

      4. Donald Bailey

        A true fan from Dublin Georgia, what a lovely voice.

      5. anis arzuzaman

        @Arief Affan aina abdul cover apa pun padu 😭

    2. William Fowler

      Another stellar performance from a talented young woman

    3. emmanuel fleury


    4. Kevin Brady


    5. AJ Babe

      Watching from Australia 🇦🇺

    6. Mpho Makhafola


    7. geogale

      So brilliant! I'm fan...applause from france 👏🏽🇫🇷 keep singing , you'll be a famous singer in the universe 😉

    8. Patrick de Groot 369

      Phenomenal. Thanks Spotify.

    9. Vince Hennigan

      One of your best Allie. You get more beautiful and talented with every song. (great Baltimore sweater too) The guy and his trombone adds so much flavor to the whole atmosphere. Who would have guessed that a guitar and trombone would complement each other so beautifully. Even the fog contributed to a beautiful and relaxing scene. Your Dad is becoming a very, very skilled camera operator as well as being a great Dad.

    10. Boston Paul

      What an amazing voice!

    11. valérie nguyen

      Allie we listen your performance all over the world You are a star 🌟 🌟🌟 Valerie from France 🇫🇷

    12. Mr.poseidon

      which model is your guitar

      1. westmus

        Looks like a Gibson ES 175, a loaner from busker John Mahon I guess.

    13. LoadingVern

      Hairs that i didnt even know i had, stood up!!!..........

    14. Zonilar zonilar

      Amazing sounds..

    15. Geraldo Correa

      Música dificílima , mas mandou bem parabéns Allie from brasil like for you

    16. Southern Comfort

      Does your shirt say Baltimore?

    17. Ashley Taylor


    18. Mr.poseidon

      which gibson

    19. Thelma Dunkley

      Text Now:(Eight>Five>Six) (Three>Two>Four) (Seven>One>Four>Eight)

    20. Simon Kristensen

      Beautiful Allie!

    21. Boston Paul

      Your voice is SO POWERFUL. You will be the biggest female star in the world. Guaranteed

    22. D Voelkel


    23. Char C.

      Wow what a powerful voice, and performance! Liked the added trombone,,, 😊👍🍀✝️Ms Allie very nice !!!

    24. ea sy

      I will never understand These People Walking by or sitting there watching theyr stupid PHONES when someone has such a beautiful Voice and sings her heart out! ❤

      1. Indie Sun

        One day when their kids or grandkids will want to go to a concert of her, they'll just pull out a video showing that they saw her live in the making. :)

    25. Skyvalley Higher Praise

      Who was the stranger with the trombone? He sure added to the song.

    26. Mrs.Rewind World


    27. Kent Melenich

      Totally fantastically awesome.

    28. Shaily Delporte

      This video need to so much to go viral

    29. Dianna Perry

      Love her voice, very unique. A fan from Baltimore Maryland. USA 🇺🇸

    30. Евгений Медведев


    31. Jon Burton

      Grief ! That is shockingly world class..

    32. Vagert

      Сорян, но у нас в России Такие тромбонисты на первом курсу учатся !

    33. Spittin Chiklets

      Is that your college uniform?

    34. Flávia Brito

      Simplesmente lindo!

    35. John C

      Allie is always great but this performance was exceptional. Such heart and atmosphere. The trombone man is in the zone too.

    36. Estrella

      Amazing, performance and singing. Stay safe from Texas.

    37. SAN TOY

      Hey is that one of them plastic T-bone trombone things ?? Sound not bad ..not brill either right enough lol

    38. Gerardo Villon

      You go girl

    39. Ronnie Baker

      Allie has a new Gibson guitar. If Gibson is smart they gave her this guitar and sponsor her as she has inspired many people, especially young girls and women!

    40. Judy Hughes

      A fan from the the United States. Awesome.

    41. Spirit Anon

      Allie wasn't made to fall in line

    42. Patrick Kelly

      Big break just around the corner will fill Hamden or Wembley one day

    43. John B

      College preppie look suits her well.

    44. Szymon Komosińśki

      hi Allie can you grow up a bit for me? 🙈 let's say be 18 tomorrow plz

    45. Damiano Vezzosi


    46. Damiano Vezzosi

      Nice voice

    47. Fritz Wiesler

      hey Ihr Lieben, thanks for the mood 🎼 🎸🎺 🎶 eine schöne Balllade.....💫..... 💞 greetings from Vienna 🕺. 🇦🇹

    48. Loulou

      I only found her about half hour ago and now I'm binging all of her videos and contemplating a trip to Ireland🤩

    49. stratplayer53

      Looks like Allie has herself a new L 175 , very nice wise choice.

    50. Joshua Henry

      An absolutely amazing performer with an awesome sweatshirt.......go Baltimore! An inspiration and reminder to get out there and do what you love!

    51. Ninos Davis

      You've sold over 100M albums already...keep following the road only you can pave and you'll see

    52. dammmiii revereaz :; ryan rhino rock n roll

      Hollleeeeeeeee.hhhh ..little ponyer ....I can here polliiiiiiii kipppppeeeeesssssssszzzs.... dammi revearez

    53. David Floyd

      One of my favorites, so far.

    54. Miriam Alvarez

      Please do Man down by Rhianna

    55. Arto Korhonen

      There is some singers who can do this kind of performance in studio after few takeovers. But Allie sings like this live in park. Amazing!

    56. Justine Peterson

      Hahahaha loved it so much.

    57. Gert Vanpeet

      The guitar sounds " western" with piezo sounds better!

      1. westmus

        I love the soft jazzy tone in combo with Allies vocal and the trombone. In my ears a better backing for her vocal, than the acoustic guitar she mostly use.

    58. renate kowalski

      With this voice she doesn*t need a micro.

    59. INZANE3D

      Please cover cleopatra by the lumineers, amaaaaaazing

    60. Elysian World

      Come to Georgia 🥺

    61. Mi Pueblo

      Love the setting. Great performance from you both.

    62. Mehmet Keskin

      Pleaseee add to spotify PLEASEEEE

    63. Marshall Johnson


    64. Havesta Peeler

      You have a new fan. Amazing voice. Keep it up.

    65. metin karadag

      Good song good girl good night....

    66. d00mfish

      Wooow! That energy! Just W.O.W

    67. Paul Dowell

      what's with the Baltimore USA shirt?? i live in that area of the US...don't come here, or at least stay out of Baltimore. it's a dangerous place and i know too many people who have been victims of violence here including death by murder

    68. tilly 21

      Loved this it's just brilliant

    69. Evg Showk

      Али супер! Почему зрители все в телефонах все сидят, выбросьте их, это же не прилично!

    70. Gerri Kupicki


    71. Gerri Kupicki


    72. Gerri Kupicki


    73. Андрей Басов

      Бесподобно! Вперед на большую мировую сцену!

    74. Istvan Kapas

      Unexpected with a mic???

      1. Francis Gallagher

        Her friend Saibh Skelly was singing duets with her into the second mic before the guy with the trombone came along.

    75. Dominic Gallagher

      Great singing, what park in dublin is this?

      1. Francis Gallagher

        It's People's Park, Dún Laoghaire, I believe.

    76. George Michael

      Man, I can't wait until it gets warmer outside. :)

    77. El Che Rey


    78. Alex Ibañez

      great voice, when a song in Spanish?

    79. Loretta Henderson


    80. Fernando Jr.

      Music is already strong and with its performance then, the whole body shivered. There is a beautiful path ahead, you bet! Another Brazilian fan 💖

    81. Paul Sink

      Allie you nailed it. Look's like a change of settings from a shopping mall to a park/school area.

    82. tagdaddy56

      Sweet Steve Howe signature guitar !

    83. LuvinLife

      She sounds awesome. Exceptionally nice Git Fiddle she is playing too 🥰🥰🥰


      love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    85. Dimitri

      Not only is your voice great.. do a great service to the general public listening.. make them stand and listen for a while, forgetting the bad things consuming their every day lives at this point in history.. You Rock!

    86. harald schallerl

      People sitting and starring at their smartphones with grumpy faces and no ears for the wonderful artists in front of them. Really sad!

    87. S. Urdaneta

      LOVE this girl. Allie Sherlock I'm your fan from Venezuela 🇻🇪 in South America. God bless you!

    88. KreativUz

      I love you😘😘😘

    89. Mathias Dreßke

      No reaction from her when he 'unexpectedly' appears.

    90. jayden dzuluh

      this is the best cover ❤️

    91. Paul Rigadin

      Bravo Allie.Bonjour de la France.

    92. Howsen Drag

      I love it more than the original song 😍

    93. David Cox

      What a cool F Hole guitar!

    94. present tatives

      Amazing talent, I like the background views, Wonderful and beautiful people.

    95. HarryWallaceMusic

      She never seems to ever disappoint me . Well done Allie x

    96. Dru Lessman

      I heard the birds sing your the best one! Your good all fo sure lock!

    97. M Munroe

      👍Such a talent. And Trombone guy is terrific too. Thank you, Allie. 😘

    98. Bagpipe13

      Gibson and a black Trombone winning combo.

    99. Vida e Mente

      0:49 meu amigo Adriano

    100. May Hill

      A powerful voice,this young lady will go far,I'm talking stardom it's just a matter of this space.