THIS SONG WILL MAKE YOU CRY | Fall in Line - Christina Aguilera & Demi Lovato | Allie Sherlock Cover

Allie Sherlock

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    Hey, so my friends have said that my version of this song "Fall In Line" by Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato has made them cry and made the hairs stand up on the back of their necks.
    I performed this with The 3 Busketeers.
    I hope you guys enjoy & let me know in the comments if you felt the same.
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    1. Kerry Conlan

      Amazing! Thank you for sharing your talent. The entire world needs to be aware of your beautiful voice, and let’s not forget the awesome band! 👏

    2. Mike Steven RFS

      I'm in a sad shape cause of this song 😔 thanks for make me crying😭

    3. 2012enpassant

      Love your voice! His voice is great as well maybe he could sing this for us?

    4. Антон Названов

      С такими слабенькими верхними нотами не стать выдающимся исполнителем. Тембр надо там укреплять а не децибелы

    5. The808rambla

      Killing the GaMe..

    6. MediaEasier

      Allie --- Son of a Preacher Man

    7. Arif Billah

      I love you

    8. CAS santos


    9. Só pra adorar

      Hi It seems impossible but I wanted to ask you to sing the chorus of this song. I always listen to you and have an inclined voice. I love to hear you sing. I'm sorry to ask you this, but I run the risk of being ignored. I don't know how to sing and I don't even know how to play. Unfortunately, I couldn't learn when I was young, since I had to work since I was a child and only now can I try to learn to play, compose and sing. My desire is to sing praises only, but I like hearing your voice in any song, a voice that doesn't look like any other is unique. If you feel sincere in me please sing only the chorus of this song.


      i am a big fan of yours... i just want to listen billy Ellis 'bad guy' from your voice.... from india... plzzz....

    11. Jeff Merritt

      ahhh no one is understand this. Haha love you gorgeous... till the end

    12. guy sumpthin

      Where's John ?

    13. bruce hessler

      One Word............Incredible! this girl is IN..credible!

    14. Pablo

      Guys !! This is Allie Sherlock !!! The new Amy's voice

    15. Juanito Jonson

      Sing nothing compares 2 u

    16. Helene Violleau

      Un bijou😎💚🥇 🇨🇵

    17. Truckin Forever

      Allie your a beastette

    18. abdo T.A.R

      Big start

    19. Helene Violleau

      Merci pour toutes les émotions que tu nous transmet ! Quel talent ! Bravo et kikiss de la France 😊🤩🇨🇵 Je t'ai rajouté des fans

    20. Skate Rhyzla

      This is the best song you've done for a long time, finally a song you sung with emotion and not just belting out as loud as you can. I like this a lot

    21. Kris Van Kroft

      A beautiful song sung extremely evocative I love it. 💖 🎵

    22. darina g

      PLEASE sing ‘try’ from pink it’s gonna be so beautiful

    23. Robert Pulko

      You are so great😊🇸🇮🇨🇮

    24. sanjar Bacha

      I lov you

    25. Pisciculture Saint Morat

      80.thumbs down!? Buy some ears!!! Go Allie! More like that!

    26. Tobagega Agegabot

      ups- dublin is disappear

    27. Terry Remaly

      So good

    28. BRI2K TV

      Definitely the best song I have heard you sing

    29. Joseph Jackson

      Raw , soul and no vocal cheating

    30. Enes ogar

      Strong voice

    31. Toni Youngblood

      Wow!! Really good!! 💞

    32. Ravi Ranjan

      Always feel pleasure after listening your voice 🥺🎺🎸🎻🤩

    33. Amber Kemp

      wow WOW.

    34. Sujono

      Honestly this really makes my coffee run out quickly enjoy the loud chant we are beautiful 💞, I think I save my book first to enjoy the sound up and down the beautiful offerings You are beautiful.

    35. Maam Rich TV

      Absolutely great! Very empowering❣️

    36. Majid Daraoui


    37. Rosane Molina

      Allie amamos você 💖

    38. diamondだいやもんど

      I’m japanese.your song is beautiful.

    39. Karel Pastika


    40. Van Helmen

      Your voice doesn't require any make up - so do you. I love it!

    41. Luis Figueredo

      Saludos desde Argentina!!!

    42. Royal DeAsis

      Allie, have you heard/considered the Pointer Sisters "FIRE" ?

    43. Steve Sa.2c

      U sing much better than original one i think this performance should be considered as the original one

    44. Vera Silva

      Vozeirão 👏🏼👏👏🏻

    45. David Clements

      I have flowered since she was 12 brilliant as usual ❤️

    46. Carolina RT

      In one word: incredible 😮😍

    47. Jan Oelkers

      I wish I could have been at this beach that day. Outstanding!

    48. skateshacksample


    49. Paul-André Hamel

      La vidéo est exceptionnelle avec un groupe qui travaille fort pour réussir. Félicitations

    50. Bill Deniger

      Wow!!! I have watched many many of your videos Allie... I absolutely love your voice, talent and humbleness... amazing gift from God you have... I’d love to hear you sing some gospel music too... give it a try!

    51. Michael Turner


    52. Byron Clarson

      "Beautiful"!! oh yeah, so is Allie!!! 🌹


      MUSIC BRASILIAN FOR VOICE WOMAN ALL YOURS (Jean D'Carvalho) I loved you, body and soul I gave myself Whom I am not loving, made me suffer, Made me cry I swore I would never love someone like that It would be much better for me I would never love again But, quietly, you invaded my heart And when I saw it, I was already whole in your hands, You gave me love, taught me what it is to love If I have your love, what more can I want I just want to love you, I'm crazy about you I'm all yours, you make me happy When you take me, love me I want to bis ------------------------------------------------------ TOUT À VOUS (Jean D'Carvalho) Je t'aimais, corps et âme je me suis donné Que je n'aime pas, m'a fait souffrir, Cela m'a fait pleurer J'ai juré que je n'aimerais jamais quelqu'un comme ça Ce serait bien mieux pour moi Je n'aimerais plus jamais Mais, tranquillement, tu as envahi mon coeur Et quand je l'ai vu, j'étais déjà entier entre tes mains, Tu m'as donné de l'amour, tu m'as appris ce que c'est d'aimer Si j'ai ton amour, que puis-je vouloir de plus Je veux juste t'aimer, je suis fou de toi Je suis tout à toi, tu me rends heureux Quand tu me prends, aime-moi je veux bis ----------------------------------------------------- GACH CEANN (Jean D'Carvalho) Bhí grá agam duit, do chorp agus d’anam a thug mé dom féin An té nach bhfuil grámhar agam, thug orm fulaingt, Thug orm caoineadh Mhionnaigh mé nach mbeadh grá agam do dhuine mar sin go deo Bheadh ​​sé i bhfad níos fearr dom Ní ba bhreá liom arís Ach, go ciúin, thug tú ionradh ar mo chroí Agus nuair a chonaic mé é, bhí mé iomlán i do lámha cheana féin, Thug tú grá dom, mhúin tú dom cad é atá i ngrá Má tá do ghrá agam, cad eile is féidir a bheith uaim Níl uaim ach grá a thabhairt duit, tá mé craiceáilte fút Is leatsa go léir thú, cuireann tú áthas orm Nuair a ghlacann tú liom, grá dom ba mhaith liom bis

    54. Thiago Dutra

      I've been following you and your career for some time now...thats definitely one of the best permormances i've ever seen. Im truly amazed. Thank you and Congrats

    55. Barry Baldwin

      That was so sweet, & beautiful location for a backdrop as well!!!

    56. randr5579

      Fantastic Allie and Band

    57. William Fowler

      These guys should be her road band. They totally compliment her amazing voice. Nice outside performance

    58. Gary Christensen

      Incredible! How are you not signed???

      1. westmus

        She is and are releasing albums. But it's not a normal deal, because dad wisely thinks she's still to young to take part in the tough entertainment business. She's mentored by a guy that normally work with the biggest names in pop.

    59. John Berry

      If Allie could make a *6-minute version* of this, then some powerful/emotional Big Screen movie could play it while the _Closing Credits_ rolled up the screen. This is an awesome suggestion, so, naturally, I expect my comment to be deleted inside of only 4 minutes. Such is Life, for people like me, who risk posting Original Thoughts.

    60. TWIN gaming :P

      Your voice is amazing allie I watched alll ur vids it’s amazing i even watch them thousands times

    61. Seahorse

      Nice Setting Special Setting Thx

    62. Momo Parent

      Allie what amazing talent you have and your band gets two thumbs up as well!👍🏻👍🏻

    63. Cristianismo Pé no Chão

      Não esqueça também de filmar o músico do Baixo


      ALLIE the shining star to brighten the world!!! 💥💥💥



    66. oscar armando pinochi

      One of your most amazing covers. OUTSTANDING ALLIE!!!!!


      Stay original

    68. Shawn Haney

      stirring riveting and compelling! thanks for inspiring me to continue writing songs allie and friends the pandemic has been tough for us all, you are a bright light and a healing force you encourage our days giving us something special unique joyful and positive! keep your faith and you will go far! you unbreak many broken hearts 💔 to help us feel love ❤️ and joy again

    69. Robert Castle

      Yes it's sad and uplifting all at the same time with the great singing of Allie Sherlock with the wonderfull backing of the Three Busketeers.

    70. David Alvarenga

      Essa é minha estrela. Por onde anda ofusca o sol.

    71. Ivan Burda

      Pure gold.

    72. Chris Ilett

      OMG AMAZING as always. Just gets better and better

    73. Dixie's Dad

      Love the key change

    74. Ee D

      Hard to understand her words. But she's good.

    75. Judy Hughes

      Awesome. Hello from the USA. Lv it at the beautiful beach.

    76. Ján Laurík

      Perfect voice 🌹🌹🌹

    77. richard brooker

      Allie’s greatness is emerging day by day-what a powerful voice and lady. South African fans

    78. 01570158да


      1. 01570158да

        так ответь ,что тяжело?

    79. Riyan Setiawan

      Pliz cover "To The Bone" or "One Only " by Pamungkas 🙏

      1. Nita Nurhayati

        Nc try

    80. Kostia Glyschenko

      Это лучшее исполнение

    81. ZIgfredo Bucani


    82. Bugs59 D D

      Fantastic Allie go girl! Believe in yourself. You are phenomenal

    83. 2 idem

      WOAW !

    84. Rose Grey

      love the blues in your voice you can sing anything the power is amazing so much passion.

    85. Ronald Simonet

      This was AWESOMELY AWESOME!!!!

    86. Jordan Monago

      beautiful disciplined girl with a great future the almost perfect woman ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️

    87. Jose Izaias


    88. CarMadNoah

      I love alle's songs, who think just would do love you i hate you. I think would be great at it 💕

    89. loic leborgne

      she got overweight

    90. Drummer Christian Hoffe

      Awesome performance and location!🤗

    91. Cat Barton

      Your best vocal performance I've heard from you! Outstanding! You make it look so easy x

    92. Nivedita Dasyam

      I love your voice so much allie

    93. Nivedita Dasyam please watch this and comment if you like or even if you don't like😅 I'm still trying so hope you don't throw shade

    94. Michael Frost

      Very good 😊 about a month ago l was a little bit not happy with your sometiime same type of voice if you know what l mean. But you are starting to show passion. In your voice. 😊😊😊

    95. Dustin Hayes

      Unbelievably amazing voice

    96. gooseコロ

      Beautiful and cool✨

    97. Chinay Boro

      Keep it up Allie❤️

    98. Bernhard Wimair


    99. Jai

      Fantastic performance it's hard to attempt you have did a justice to the song 👌👍👏🙋‍♂️