All I Want - Olivia Rodrigo | Allie Sherlock & Saibh Skelly cover

Allie Sherlock

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    Hey guys, this is "All I Want" by Olivia Rodrigo & I performed with my beautiful friend Saibh Skelly.
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    Опубликовано: 2 месяца назад


    1. псаки не уходи

      Круто 👍👍👍👍👍

    2. Mae Mae Galyon

      2:26 someone stole something out of your bag

    3. Rüdiger Hund


    4. marta pakpahan

      Very good to allie serlok (indonesia)

    5. Southern Comfort

      Sive in her Christmas PJ’s!

    6. Chas R Martel

      The Celts are favored by God. Kept in deprivation, oppressed and poor, they've been refined into the angelic gold witnessed here.

    7. Anthony Proffitt

      At 1st glance I thought they were twins.

    8. Laronn

      Gede njirr

    9. nuggetella citizen


    10. j P


    11. Oye Nations

      You two look alike! I loved this song and the performance was superb!

    12. Park Izabella

      I’m literally crying because you two guys girl,these really beautiful and wonderful song and your angel and gorgeous voice it’s ah💜💜💜I’m so excited that I have you two young ladies in this world

    13. Golden Local Productions

      2:23 Did... Did y'all just get robbed?

    14. Daniel Salzer

      This is a lovely song, beautifully sung! Well-done, Allie and Saibh!

    15. hantu ll

      I lov u❤️

    16. cristina almeida


    17. Thelma Dunkley

      Text Now:(Eight>Five>Six) (Three>Two>Four) (Seven>One>Four>Eight)

    18. Franklin Roch

      Her voice so like a crystal clear.😘

    19. Lynn Baalmann

      You Young ladies are amazing. Absolutely beautiful voices. You are unique.

    20. superrugbier winner

      Como está saibh!! Que divina 😍😍😍

    21. Евгений Медведев


    22. Dana Báez

      The best duo ever!!!😍🎼

    23. Breeze Superman please..

    24. Mario Garofalo

      Very good!! Very talented girls!

    25. Mickie Jonesy

      Beautiful cover Allie and Saibh! I could listen to the two of you every day, all day! Both together and separately! 💘💘💘

    26. David Cruttenden

      What talent.....incredible

    27. Glenn G.

      at 1:15 a wedding through the streets ? UUmm.. interesting.

    28. Robert Lee

      One dressed for the weather, the other for a feather. It’s so smart. Pro w respect to the business of show business. That cannot hurt.

    29. Rafis Rafis

      Вот спела бы из Арии что нибудь.🙂🙃

    30. Antonio Carlos Carvalho

      Você canta música do Brasil? Sua linda

    31. SMY12

      What incredible timing with the newly weds

    32. Justice4 JohnnyDepp

      *Can you sing Driver’s License by Olivia and Skin by Sabrina Carpenter?*

    33. harper newman

      I love sabiah but I personally think this is allie’s song to sing

      1. Great Life

        Hello I download my dog vedios I will appreciate you seeing them

    34. Negio Lopes

      Lindo , lindo , lindo gatinhas cantam muito

    35. petrov2707

      Молодцы, девчонки!

    36. Edward Marks

      we all live in glass house, you cannot throw a stone saibh

    37. Jeff Smith

      You two should release this song's & buy some gloves to keep your hands warm...

    38. The traveling posher

      Please tell me I have a record deal ! This is the world we need to get back too ❤️

      1. Stephanie Ann

        @Duncan A YES that's it! Thank you! I couldn't remember for the life of me lol

      2. Stephanie Ann

        Yes she does! She's working with a famous bands lead singer too. God I can't remember the bands name for the life of me tho lol

    39. bob the tomato

      u guys r amazing!!!!!

    40. Edward Marks

      good bye


      perfect & beautiful

    42. Jeff R

      Oh look at that, your playing a Zager guitar, I have the ZA80CE It must be new I've only seen you with Martin's

    43. Dwi Susilanto anto


    44. tapdancerman

      Too much flattery.

    45. Lewoke Crybaby James

      She sings all I want is love to last as newlyweds walk by. Priceless.

    46. francisco goncalves

      omg is so pettry

    47. René van Dijk

      Great performance!

    48. Evgeny Nelyubin

      Waw. Amazing

    49. Miguel Cotrich

      God bless you and your family and another great video and thanks for sharing and I send you and your love ones lots of blessings and always stay bless

    50. Just Brind

      Stella performance ladies!

    51. Vidosy Blogger


    52. Edward Marks

      they have a bond 4 life, saibh is beautiful , where did all that hair come from

    53. Cristhan V

      Iloveyou allie😟

    54. Ali Parstar


    55. Amnas2011

      🇵🇱Hi Allie!🎸🎶🎸Thanks for sharing!🎸🎶🎸!Excellent new song-cover and new street performance,of course subbed,greetings from Poland to Ireland and have a nice weekend by the way:)🎸🎶🎸

    56. zen

      FBI open up!

    57. Tiger Jones

      Dam .. I am perfectly not perfect..

    58. Tiger Jones

      Nice plad britches

    59. Charles Situmeang

      Two beautiful ladies 😍

    60. Taj Abdullah


    61. Robert C. Christian

      Allie :) Have you ever tried... Nelly Furtado? Nelly Furtado - I'm Like A Bird

    62. 정흥수

      체중조절 lol

    63. Josemar Berres

      You are amazing!


      hello from Indonesia, Good Voice..

    65. Basem Hasan

      you should arrange a song with @Hamza Namira it will be great i can tell his channel:

    66. Siegwart Schewe

      ich ´liebe´diese beiden Irischen Mäuse!;-)

    67. Shaun James

      Omg you 2 im crying

    68. Bayard Taylor

      Wow 88k. A month that’s really good for a 14 teen year old. 1.1. Million dollars a year

    69. werewolf5674

      Do you do any Irish folk music?

    70. Ken Munn

      You chicks are beautiful 🤩

      1. Dustin Evans

        Wrong website guy

    71. Koala sk

      thank you , allie for spreading love. much love Family

    72. Addison Jennings

      Love this song beautiful voices

    73. Alejandro Rodrigez

      When start’s I believe it was “Colors of the wind” (song request?)

    74. CAS santos


    75. Gary Boi

      Wow just wow 👏 😍 😳 😐

    76. Craig Cromelin

      love that rendition.....shows your voice control Allie and Saibh Skelly has a delicious voice too. Keep encouraging and supporting one another

      1. Dustin Evans

        "Delicious" ?

    77. skarath

      Is the lockdown over in Ireland?

    78. collj86

      Sounds like garbage

    79. Alfonso Alfredo Higuera


      1. Dustin Evans

        Un taco de carne asada por favor

    80. Nigel Gill

      Saibh has a better voice

    81. Skylar Conley

      She is so beautiful and her voice is angel like I would do anything to know her or even meet her 😍

      1. Dustin Evans


    82. Clodoaldo Buzo

      Parabéns as duas excelente interpretação 👏👏👏👏👏👏 sempre acompanho 😃

    83. Brooke Kearton

      Beautiful teenagers beautiful vocals beautiful guitar playing Allie Sherlock

    84. ma


    85. Patrick Lahaye

      Beautyful.en no mask👌👍

    86. Алекс Шмидт


    87. Smit Mandaliya

      New camera is epic

    88. Money for Nothing


    89. Ammar Najjar

      Red Pants Vocals Are AMAZZZING

    90. Jerry's Artarama Art Supplies - Online

      WOW! Very talented young ladies.

    91. TestAnd Reviews

      Queen - I Want It All (Official Video)

      1. TestAnd Reviews

    92. Siegwart Schewe

      Mehr neue Beiträge! Auch mal auf deutsch!;-)

    93. Bill Musket

      How about ""

    94. Paul T

      Congratulations Allie, you have musical staying power, after all these years.. and such a long fun road ahead.. Well done for creating yourself..🙂

      1. Paul T

        @Dustin Evans Haha, perhaps.. but I was referring to Allie's original own decision to busk and sing in Cork, and sticking with it..🙂

      2. Dustin Evans

        So the Chicken came before the Egg?

    95. Renato Plantak

      👍 ✌🌞

    96. olivia rodrigo

      Can you please cover driver licence by olivia rodrigo

    97. Jeff Smith

      Give that old gary Barlow a' run for his money'

    98. Steve Fairbanks

      So beautiful!

    99. Mesh Nickerick

      Well done, Skelly. Great song choice for you.

    100. HT

      Ninguém bateu palmas no final??? Como assim