THIS IS SO ROMANTIC | Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling In Love | Allie Sherlock & Cuan D. cover

Allie Sherlock

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    Hey everyone, this is "Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling In Love" with my friend Cuan Durkin.
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    Опубликовано: 21 день назад


    1. WarmTea

      The chemistry is exploding with this adorable pair.. Beautiful!!

      1. Political Foolishness

        Dude is totally cool.

      2. Seamus Kennedy

        But daddy is nearby and watching

      3. Debra Rippentrop

        @daddy chicken nugget So did I and it said she was 16 and the reporter interviewing him said he was 17, unless he just had a birthday.

      4. Brenda Campbell

        They Sing great together

      5. Tom Prescott

        @anthony gallo hey clown suit-I dig Elvis some jerk called him a thief. Before you open your big mouth get your facts straight bro and don't be cruel!

    2. Zaidan Al Dzakir

    3. Debra Rippentrop

      Sensational! I love to hear the two of you duet together. I would like to hear Allie do a song from Heart/"Alone".

    4. Математика


    5. Simo info

      Good 🤷‍♂️👍👍

    6. Danilo Felix

      Canta muitooOooo!!!

    7. rod bardaje

      So good to hear 🥰

    8. Jean-Louis MANAT

      Un petit bonjour de France Bravo à toi alie. Tu es magnifique

    9. Deepak

      She has a nasal voice just like himesh reshammiya

    10. Na.Ni.Lou

      So amazing ❤❤❤

    11. Danny Gilberg

      the guy is average at best

    12. Dyslexic Troll

      It was written by Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore, and George David Weiss.

    13. kevin mackie

      make your move already dude lol

    14. Juan Tapullima


    15. 020_054_Andi purwo Hadi

      I love this content

    16. Natalia R

      my weding song

    17. Horacio Golovanevsky

      Maravilhosa! Um talento do tamanho do universo!!!

    18. Island Smooth

      Great performance! Watch Tyler Joseph’s version as well

    19. Pls I need an invite


    20. De Nacht Conducteur

      Fresh haircut

    21. CatMajella

      So lovely Allie & Cuan ... Hello from Lausanne. Have lovely memories of you singing in Grafton Street Allie !! You're a star !!

    22. Jesse fernandes

      Castanhal/Pá/Brasil, música excelente!!!

    23. Cathy Prince

      Ah just beautiful 🤩

    24. Recall

      What a cracking pair! Singers aren’t bad either

    25. Montana Sacra


    26. Emily Mann

      Allies voice is amazing literally sat crying at all her videos her voice is just wow 🤩

    27. мидория плисецкий а что

      Its wonderful !

    28. Angoe Thomsen

      The Original is the best!

    29. Michael Lindfors

      This is so bad. Sorry

    30. July Angie

      Their stares and magical voices 😭💞

    31. Nono Ami

      Nice. Very nice

    32. RahuL C

      A mans song for woman 💞

    33. Suman Arvind

      I am already in love with you two 💞

    34. illmtoloko

      Nice, do more together you both!

    35. Robert Klein

      Both are amazing for sure but i can see how he loses it when she sings. Her voice is so real, natural sounding, incredible. Its like listening to Tracy Chapman. It goes right through you, powerful.

    36. Just Ice


    37. Christine Kauppinen

      Now, here's someone that sings the song better than Elvis!

    38. Jocemar Teixeira

      Wow 👏👏👏

    39. Z M

      I did not expect that voice! Bravo

    40. Peter Pereira

      Much prefer the man in the video singing voice, over her voice.

    41. Rodney Jaynes


    42. Vasco Sousa

      You guys make an unmistakable and wonderful duet!

    43. Michael Tom Junior

      I like the cover, they both have strong voices and i can feel there is chemistry here🙂. Keep it up to both of you.

    44. Victoria Röhm

      Ich liebe es ^^

    45. wahyu ibrahim

      It's Best Voice when I listen

    46. Bubba Kate VS The State

      Who is the male?

    47. Алексус Гончий

      Прекрасные голоса у ребят!

    48. 쿠킹가이


    49. Antonio Vanadia


    50. georgemacdougall merlin27

      What city do you all play in?

      1. Ruby Tuesday

        Dublin Ireland

    51. Thomas Keogh

      She is stunning and has the voice of an angel.

    52. L Vega

      All the girls these days do that yodeling voice when they sing.

    53. Jhon Hendra

      Just want to say woow

    54. BonTon Sevillo

      Love it

    55. tigre fofo

      She got a so natural beauty😍

    56. Lewis Clabough

      Allie makes me wish I was 16 against. I would camp outside her house...if I was 16.

    57. Pete the Christian Terrorist

      Why hasn't some big record company recorded these two take if I was an executive of a record company I be saying where are these two I want him sign up right away text that sounds fantastic together God bless him

    58. Eleazar Fredes

      Pour chanter 🎶 faut arracher votre cœur, le tenir à la main, et chanter 🎶 sinon, c'est très agréable de vous entendre, continuez 🙏

    59. Dixie Tree

      Better than the original. Full stop. Beautiful! Well done guys. Perfectly musically matched.

    60. Olivia Jakobsson

      Best best....❤️

    61. 2550 Srishti Bahukhandi

      1:35 best part❤️ Love the song Love the chemistry❣️

    62. JBHK

      Very clean and honest, well done. But those idiots wearing face masks, how long will it take for them to wake up . . . ?

    63. peter comisari

      Pretty average really

    64. Guntur SKAcore

      good vibes, regards from indonesia

    65. Martian Merit

      Oh my god!!! The guy's voice is so deep and authentic

    66. Aloshious Joy

      I could also give a try 😉

    67. guyet magali

      Quelle belle version. Ils ont 2 voix magnifiques. Merci pour ce moment.. 💞💕🙏🙏

    68. John james

      Chill with the romance comments.. As a musician myself, I can see them as being just friends. Music itself is intimate. Musicians have a mysterious and indescribable bond when they are performing together. These two are obviously filled with joy doing what they were made to do..pure joy. They're probably just friends.

      1. Blake Thomas

        She’s slung the word romantic into the title it’s gonna encourage those comments 🤡

    69. roberto hernandez

      This girl has the voice of an 😇.

    70. CAS santos


    71. thu hang nguyen

      Hi. I love you!

    72. jewel 123456789


    73. Mark Dean

      Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! Love it!


      Não me canso de ouvir.... Muito bom...muito bom. Maravilhoso. Meu Deus 😧♥️👏🙏 Mari Mourab, Brasil 🇧🇷.

    75. John Smith

      She's useless but her onlyfans will be good

    76. michael bugler

      Her little smile says a friendly don't even think about it

    77. tom conway


    78. Arlindo Junior

      Recife PE Brasil 🇧🇷😘🥰❤️👍🇧🇷

    79. Zhang Jing


    80. Mescalito

      So much zombies with Mask in the face 🤮 i hate u all

    81. elma Vale


    82. Carmen Benitez Gamaza

      Me ha cantado esta versión de la canción de Elvis, la pareja tienen unas voces claras y le han dado un aire fresco a esta canción. Lo que he alucinado con esta ciudad, que no sé dónde es, por lo visto aquí el Covid no existe o han acabado con el lo digo porque la mayoría de la gente van sin mascarillas.

      1. Diego Navarro Varas

        Están sin mascarillas porque creo que son grabaciones de antes de que la cosa se pusiera seria

    83. Cathy Abrahamse

      So sweet she has a beautiful voice.💟


      Her voice though. Wow

    85. Randall MacDonald

      Allie, you have a beautiful voice. Cuan does, as well, but you are awesome!

    86. Thomas Alexander

      Always brings a smile to my face.

    87. Ziggy Sanchez

      Superb rendition!

    88. Bruno Almeida

      Kawaki can sing.

    89. Lisa The Pitbull Bambina

      One word - Beautiful 😍

    90. colin knight

      Really lovely singing enjoyed it thanks Colin UK

    91. Sam Omar

      Great couple ..great voice.

    92. Collin

      The little stylistic riffs are great, glad youtube reccomended me this

    93. Kenny Batayola

      Why people are not wearing face mask

    94. Людмила Осипова


    95. Norm Cole

      Precious! So, precious!

    96. Neuminis

      if you only watch last 5 seconds without seeing the video it gives whole different impression :)

    97. Alvin Quirona

      she is gifted

    98. Lovely Owl


    99. Lisa Alderman

      Omg really this is epic she has got the voice of an angel his voiceso soft bless the both of them hope they become famous it would be well deserved xx

    100. Andrea Ehresman

      Cuan the Crooner ❤️ Great duo