THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL | Love Story - Taylor Swift | Allie Sherlock & Saibh Skelly cover

Allie Sherlock

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    Hey guys, we decided to change venue and we did a performance in this beautiful park in Dublin, Ireland.
    This Is "Love Story by Taylor Swift".
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    1. Darken Rahl

      This girl make me cry

      1. PANWARE

        @Thomas Roman He said “This”, not “That”. So, it would be, “This girl makes me cry.”

      2. Joe Awesome1

        @Southern Comfort talking of school when you said why ? It did make me think 🤔 pre school so I say 🙌 oops sorry little one and Grammar 😂 I speak to text blame the 🤖👈😂 bot buddy

      3. Southern Comfort

        @Joe Awesome1 Jomama is a word also. Your spelling and grammar is horrible. You shouldn’t have dropped out of the 4th grade!😂🤣😂

      4. Joe Awesome1

        @Southern Comfort oh poor 1 subscriber wonder lol

      5. Joe Awesome1

        @Southern Comfort moron is a word if you want to get funny ha ha ha 😂

    2. Carlos

      Alguien le puede decir que cante en español. Saludos desde México.


      Am I the only one shipping both of em ?!

    4. Leticia Cannedy

      I just love to listen to her

    5. Henrik Hoffmann

      incredible cool

    6. Swiftie Fan

      They both are good

    7. Swiftie Fan

      She’s singing my favorite song and she’s good at singing the song!!

    8. John winston Claro

      Wow idol

    9. ronald cooper


    10. Swiftie Fan

      This is my favorite song!!!

    11. M MM

      Excelkent. Thank you

    12. Cosca Wer?

      Still missing emotion... Such nice voices...imagine they'd sing with real emotion 😌

    13. Arsene Lupin

      I love You 🇨🇵💙🦋

    14. Hasi Belm


    15. Nicole

      Magnifique Saibh!!!!!!

    16. Quimo Ortega


    17. Shreyaa s

      Best duet💓☁

    18. Grace Paredes

      Love love love

    19. Electronic view

      Good song ♥️

    20. Rob Billingsley

      One word pure class both girls

    21. Tina Hill

      Love looking love 😍❣️

    22. Andreas A.

      Allie kinda carries...

    23. Min Han

      You are legend for me

    24. Ahmad Ahyadi

      Peace from Indonesia 👍

    25. Mark Wallace

      I'd be cheering like a mf

    26. Chris Murphy

      Nice nice nice

    27. skateshacksample

      taylor swift ?

    28. Cinimodg02

      You make the songs 10 times better

    29. ukkum kiran

      🔥 🔥

    30. Max petersilie

      You all have to Google Allie Sherlock Nu... you know what i mean

    31. Charlie Poke


    32. George Morgan


    33. di dier

      saibh est magnifique !

    34. Albert Nongrum

      Needed some more cofidence,you are great together.

    35. Nala Anja

      She has the star-attitude. Cool. :)

    36. Ko Yin


    37. Liam Onconlocha

      Nailed it now find yourselves an ace songwriter

    38. Salvacion Engo

      Perfect Allie and Saibh...Amazing! i really enjoy your songs...keep it up guys

    39. Scott Brandon

      My mistake about COVID. I do see some people wearing masks. Ireland must be vaccinating at record rates for so many people to be maskless. We're still all masked here in Canada.

    40. Scott Brandon

      It's nice to see families out at the park. I don't see masks, so I gather it's from pre-COVID days.

    41. Isidro Ponsaran

      Wow you make my heart melt 💫💫💫💫💫💫

    42. Alejandro Maldonado

      Lo mejor que he escuchado en mi vida


      MUSIC BRASILIAN FOR VOICE WOMAN ALL YOURS (Jean D'Carvalho) I loved you, body and soul I gave myself Whom I am not loving, made me suffer, Made me cry I swore I would never love someone like that It would be much better for me I would never love again But, quietly, you invaded my heart And when I saw it, I was already whole in your hands, You gave me love, taught me what it is to love If I have your love, what more can I want I just want to love you, I'm crazy about you I'm all yours, you make me happy When you take me, love me I want to bis ~~~~~~§~~~~~~~ TOUT À VOUS (Jean D'Carvalho) Je t'aimais, corps et âme je me suis donné Que je n'aime pas, m'a fait souffrir, Cela m'a fait pleurer J'ai juré que je n'aimerais jamais quelqu'un comme ça Ce serait bien mieux pour moi Je n'aimerais plus jamais Mais, tranquillement, tu as envahi mon coeur Et quand je l'ai vu, j'étais déjà entier entre tes mains, Tu m'as donné de l'amour, tu m'as appris ce que c'est d'aimer Si j'ai ton amour, que puis-je vouloir de plus Je veux juste t'aimer, je suis fou de toi Je suis tout à toi, tu me rends heureux Quand tu me prends, aime-moi je veux bis --------------------------------- GACH CEANN (Jean D'Carvalho) Bhí grá agam duit, do chorp agus d’anam a thug mé dom féin An té nach bhfuil grámhar agam, thug orm fulaingt, Thug orm caoineadh Mhionnaigh mé nach mbeadh grá agam do dhuine mar sin go deo Bheadh ​​sé i bhfad níos fearr dom Ní ba bhreá liom arís Ach, go ciúin, thug tú ionradh ar mo chroí Agus nuair a chonaic mé é, bhí mé iomlán i do lámha cheana féin, Thug tú grá dom, mhúin tú dom cad é atá i ngrá Má tá do ghrá agam, cad eile is féidir a bheith uaim Níl uaim ach grá a thabhairt duit, tá mé craiceáilte fút Is leatsa go léir thú, cuireann tú áthas orm Nuair a ghlacann tú liom, grá dom ba mhaith liom bis

    44. Adrian Kelly

      Two girls are tremendous.

    45. FertilityTV

      Thanks really nice interpretation of Taylors song. Allie is a story teller ;)

      1. Sanibel Island

        Hope, he heared and saw it ;)

    46. Matthew Brown

      Not my music style, but a lovely voice with clear diction, Allie. Let's see your smile as you sing. You have a strong voice so let us see you singing = step back from the microphone. I really enjoyed your song choice with Saibh, singing in harmony. Just when I thought people cannot sing properly anymore, you ladies pop up. Thank you for changing my views :)

    47. pombo9300

      From Brazil big hugs 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    48. Sergio Faria

      uhuuuuuuu very very very good

    49. Vlog Eduarda & Aléxia

      Sounds Lovely ❤

    50. Docglock 19

      Entertainment at its finest! Thanks for doing this video.

    51. Zack Ferreira

      this video almost make me cry

    52. Danielle Mitchals

      Imagine if you where just chilling at the park, and Allie and Saibh came in to ABSOLUTELY SMASH IT!!

      1. Kristin Bachman

        bes day ever

    53. Rosane Molina

      Vozes lindíssimas. Allie você deveria usar mais seu cabelo solto, fica muito lindo.Deus as abençoe sempre!

    54. Nugraha Ari

      I like because the song is my idol song #greeting from indonesia

    55. Nugraha Ari

      I like it because the song is my idol song # greetings from Indonesia 

    56. Thomas Burns

      WOW ...Great...You are A it.

    57. MOS MAK

      Your song is for sumer and see in morocco

    58. Гүлназ

      Екеуінің дауыстарының қосындысы күшті!!!!

    59. Harold Boyer

      Very Very nice.

    60. loic leborgne

      Drole de video je ne regarde pas ce type de video

    61. Fcck Off

      Are they sisters or couple?

    62. Giamp MClure

      Adorabile ❤️🙏😘

    63. Samriti 0064


    64. Tobi Lassiter


    65. Rifad Ahmad

      these girls ,really amazed me, but background the most...

    66. Raw HD

      Does anyone know if Allie's videos get demonetized because they are cover songs and not originals.

    67. Irene Gazonis

      When your voices sing together, it's magical!!! Waiting for more...

    68. Bonnie Robinson

      Love this!

    69. dubinthedam

      More T Swift songs! More Allie / Sai duets. Harmony singing is a thing in country music, brother or sister duets often being popular because the voice merge or sync better. ♥

    70. Chedder Bug

      Their voices are SO SIMILAR. WOW!

    71. Roberto Alonso


    72. Khalid Rahmani

      I love very very sherlok bat i cant spek english bat i frome afganstan i think you dont want see lik me becase we live in a poor cantry i wanto jast see you in my live

    73. Bucket Fuckit

      Amazing Scotland 🌻🌻♥️♥️♥️

    74. John Berry

      Allie, try to come up with a "cover" for the following song . . . *As Tears Go By* (by _The Rolling Stones)_ *[note]:* ^this^ duet features _Taylor Swift_ and _Mick Jagger_

    75. John Berry

      Saibh is really beautiful! I wish somebody would cast her in a decent Big Screen movie.

    76. Dandreb Baguhin


    77. Saqireen Zul

      Love U guys..from South East Asia


      Newly subscribed 😍😍😍but I feel and I want to be the number 1 fan of you miss Allie from:🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 You're just simply amazing👏👏👏 One of my inspiration

    79. 有馬武史

      thank you great (^^)/

    80. Jny Angel

      You girls make this world a better place! Mahalo 🤙🏾 and thank you💕

    81. Southern Comfort

      I love Saibh.. she has a future in the music industry if she chooses.


      Nice song keep it up watching from bohol

    83. infamous 14206

      Allie is amazing and beautiful but this other chicks not so good

    84. Elizabeth schiffer

      I love this song it ia so beautiful you two made it so much better! Love you keep up the hard work! 💗💖

    85. Bruce Atnip

      Very nice.

    86. Michael Payne

      What's really great is seeing so many little girls watching both of them sing, and seeing Allie play the guitar with such confidence. Mark, your daughter may have just turned 16 today, but she's already setting a great example to those younger than her, and who look at her in awe. Maybe some of them are thinking bigger about what they can do now. Music is such a great means to connect and inspire.

      1. Generic Jin

        This is actually really true, shes inspired so many people, including myself, to start music

    87. loic leborgne

      muy graciosos estos

    88. Rick Ruiz

      Nothing less than perfect from you two once again!

    89. Ezardy Mancing

      allie , aku adalah subcribermu dari 20k subcriber .. sekarang sudah 4 juta. love you from indonesia 🇮🇩❤

    90. Powell Daphne

      The irate bacon historically nest because opinion baly water onto a whole friday. childlike, invincible rose

    91. Joe Gonzalez

      I normally don't bother with TS songs but if you two are singing it, mine's an Allie and Siabh rehearsal every time.

    92. 2 idem

    93. Paige Perry

      Zombie cranberrys

    94. Каждан Валерий

      Super lively!

    95. Ulrich von Ammon


    96. Reclaimed Life


    97. William Beebe

      Being a long time Harley rider, I really dug Saibh's jacket... the song was really nice also.

    98. Steven Thompson

      This song is perfect for your current voice Allie. I can't wait till your voice reaches full maturity.

    99. Rania Tama

      Sherlock holmes must be a proud GREAT GREAT GREAT GRANDPA

    100. Kevin Murphy

      GOOSE BUMP GIRL!!! Every time I hear her I get Goose bumps!!