Arcade - Duncan Laurence | Allie Sherlock Cover

Allie Sherlock

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    1. RJ VW

      I am a technical person and I find it amazing how technical savvy Allie is for her age. But that is also why she is so fantastic with her music. She has a very technical mind.

    2. Parsa XP

      The best

    3. CAS santos


    4. Harmony Humbert

      Allie THIS IS PERFECT ur amazing!

    5. YMusson

      🇫🇷 🙇 💕 🎶

    6. Free Fare

      Allie, sing high hopes. It was beautiful in your voice!

    7. ameridutch

      Such a beautiful demonstration of your fantastic range, alternated with your power voice! This song suits you perfectly. You're a star!

    8. Gerson ribeiro boaventura filho riro

      Putz,wonderful Allie,very very good. 🇧🇷🇧🇷 from Brazil.

    9. iñaki diez

      You must go to Eurovison!!! 💥💥

    10. Weeranan Mafu

      You look fetter

    11. Chuyang Liu

      What's the brand of the digital piano?

    12. driko sousa

      hansome singer..n hav an amizing voice.

    13. Ishara Madanayake

      oml I swearrr her voice is justtt..... this has to pass through millions

    14. Ronald Dahan philippines...

    15. williams mujica

      Saludos desde Perú te admiro aparte eres guapísima

    16. Patricia Norman

      Your such amazing young lady 🤗


      Love from srilanka ❤️😀

    18. Danne Christle Diga

      if i'll be granted to have another life, i'll 100% wish to have the same voice as yours, miss allie 😭💓

    19. Laura Dias


    20. Frederick Alcantara


    21. martu

      Cantas muy lindoo !!

    22. Augusto Combatente

      Sou seu fã , vc E linnda

    23. katarina fatur

      Beautiful 😍 amazing

    24. Bridie Cormican

      So much talent you have made lockdown interesting and enjoyable for so many of us.Thank you for sharing your beautiful renditions of so so many songs.I was gutted for you when your touring with Ryan Tedder was cut short due to Covid 19 restrictions.I have been following you for years ,you look very like my 17 year old granddaughter.I am looking forward to you reaching 5 million Subs.I particularly like you singing with Cuan Durkin and Saidbh Skelly.Stay as sweet as you are and listen to Dad.He will always have your best interests at heart.

    25. Paul C

      Wow ! It is ridiculous how beautiful Allie has become, how effortless she makes it look and that husky, breathy, powerful voice. My go to, ab fav singer. She really is a world talent. x

    26. Noam van den Heuvel

      Hou jij van muiziek

    27. Thomas Schobert

      omg, bruh, at some point this voice races trough the ceiling, thanks, love it soo much!

    28. Bagas franata

      Skin care nya apa kak?

    29. The Jägermeister


    30. - Sleep and Meditation

      Thank you very nice share my friend🧡✨🧡✨

    31. Bhima Tulyaganov

      Woow! Amazing! You so beautiful lady! Oh My God! Very very talented Queen! Bravo!! Bravo!!!

    32. Cakra Indonesia

      beautiful girl

    33. fara ulil

      kereeeeen cukkkkk

    34. BWWKH

      💗 💗 💗

    35. tom miller

      Wow, what a beautiful voice. You are destined for stardom. Dad, keep her grounded. Your mom is so proud of you now.

    36. Reno Trader

      I guess she cant go out to sign anymore. she is too famous.

    37. Сергей Алексеев

      Amazing )))) from Moscow (Russia) with LOVE ))))

    38. C L

      Insanely insane

    39. Paulo SFL

      Voz de anjo...Manda um alo para o Brasil

    40. 허성빈


    41. kang keling

      I like u🌷

    42. Wadup


    43. Duda Costa

      Sing "alive' by SIA

    44. Trev boster

      She's good, but this comment section is full of straight up simps 😂

    45. kadir nasa

      du bist sehr schön :) ales gute

    46. Bhawna Vaidya


    47. Alex May

      I hope her neighbors like her music too.

    48. Mohamadreza Sorkhabi

      That was awesome ✌️😍❤️❤️

    49. Racha Ariesta

      Cover indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩 song "to the bone" by Pamungkas Please 🙏🙏🙏

    50. Jessee Harris

      Love it big voice. Your getting better all the time. Love You😘

    51. Kum ESC'

      Arkadaşlar, türk olarak izleyen tek benmiyim acaba? merak ettim.

    52. seri husairi

      Please cover song "I shoot the Sherif - Bob Marley"

    53. alessandro favaron

      Allie, bravissima e simpaticissima! Alessandro Firenze Italy

    54. Daniel Rodríguez

      Hi from Spain. I think you're not that little girl... Now you must take a step forward and have more support for your videos and career. I'm sure you know what I mean. Anyway, sounds pretty goood; but it doesn't reach where you must stay. This is another start line. Push!

    55. Siegwart Schewe

      Mark Sherlock, pass auf deine Tochter auf, die wird immer hübscher!!!!!! ha ha ha

    56. Sherry Dawson

      Hi sweetie!ucan sing anything! Love 💘listening to u!!


      I like her voice. But in this video there are too many voice cracks.

    58. Cak Opeq

      Are you tested positive?

    59. Andrew Lawrance

      Allie nicely sung your voice is maturing and it’s getting better I wish you all the best regards Andrew


      Allie sei veramente una grandissima artista

    61. 2Late2save

      ecoflow delta power station is really expensive :-( You are very talented!!

    62. KikeYopo


    63. Jimmy Makatle

      I m Brazil

    64. Magnum Costa


    65. Sandra Frawley

      Just beautiful 😍❤

    66. crazy horse29

      From Douglas came a voice, I subscribe n listen to by choice, A gift given f us to receive, My eyes n ears truly believe!

    67. tillyvictory


    68. tillyvictory

      Allie oop oop is a good song

    69. Tor Flå

      I've got the feeling you're jumping to conclusions. I for my case have been extremely busy with my taxes today and late last nights. I'm here now

    70. mike greathouse

      Nicely preformed. Much Luv.



    72. Chrissy Bagwell

      Allie sings soulfully beautiful “Arcade” sad heartbreak love game song! Marvelous piano music playing!❤️🎤👩🏻🎹😍😇🥰

    73. Trueno-Milenio Pirotecnia

      Where all fellow Dutch people at!? :)

    74. RockaRollo

    75. Alicia Camacho Casado

      Can u please next time perform falling up by Dean lewis?

    76. RockaRollo

      did you try to sing easier?

    77. Lucas Torres

      Nice Performance, btw is that a Yamaha P-45? I'd like to know

    78. Hai You

    79. Julien Degoutte

      Juste une superbe artiste 👏👏👏😍

      1. Hai You

    80. Mark Cole

      Much love to you Allie from Montana!!

      1. Hai You

    81. Lalo Guzman


    82. lyana omoush

      The Best

    83. Jeffrey Deinum

      Very nicely done, compliments from Amsterdam the Netherlands 🇳🇱😀 douce points

      1. Annabel

        Yeah I am so proud that the Netherlands won!🇳🇱

    84. nado mondom

      sisa glava boli

    85. SaFit Channel


    86. daniel ivanov


    87. David G

      Hard to make a lousy song with no lyrics sound good. You did the best you could.

    88. Neidorx

      I m in love

    89. Rvs World

      Lovely Cover !!ii why are you always so adorable

    90. Karel Pastika


    91. A M

      I’m dying. You did this PERFECT. My favorite cover right now. I love you so much Allie

    92. King. Z

      Her voice is insane. OMG. Her voice to this song, I LOVE IT🔥

    93. Maico Carminato

      Hugs from Brazil!!!

    94. Matthias Schumm

      what size is the music?

    95. Полярный Лисёнок

      Спасибо солнце!!!! С любовью из России!!!!!

    96. DaddyCarl Mix VLOG

      Nice voice idol hope we can duet jijiji

    97. DaddyCarl Mix VLOG

      Hello pls help new utubers from philippines YTC DaddyCarl Mix VLOG

    98. ITXZ_ABDXL

      Runway cover please

    99. Maria Helena


    100. Gabriela vargas

      Faz cantando em público essa música 🙏😘❤️