FOR THE SICK CHILDREN OF IRELAND | Fight Song - Rachel Platten | Allie Sherlock cover

Allie Sherlock

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    Hi everyone, I’ve recorded this song for the sick children of Ireland who spend most their days in hospitals fighting a battle everyday to stay alive. I hope this song inspires them to keep fighting, stay positive and also to let them know we are supporting them in their fight. If you enjoy this song I recorded, instead of tipping me, please donate what you can on using the link here on this page and all proceeds will go to CMRF Crumlin and Temple Street in Dublin. Let’s see how much we can raise for these beautiful kids that are fighting everyday. Love - Allie
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      This is great

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      Allien, sing high hopes. It was beautiful in your voice!

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      A very pretty girl with a wonderful voice!

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      Love it great song

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      brilliant, love that channel

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      Love Allie ! Pretty good eh ?


      Super talento. Abraços from Brasil!!!

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      She's good, but this comment section is full of simps 😂

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      Love your voice, Allie. I’m not a child, but this was *my* cancer fight song. Thanks for sharing your version with us.

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      One of my favorite songs. Thanks for singing it for us. You are such a wonderful singer ❤

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