THIS WILL MAKE YOU CRY | Berlin - Take My Breath Away | Allie Sherlock cover

Allie Sherlock

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    Hey guys, I did this amazing song for my Dad and he said it brought some amazing memories for him, (I think he cried) 💚😇💜
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    1. tracms

      Beautifully done! Gave me chills.

      1. AARON STORY

        That was just Awesome and you have a Beautiful voice!!

      2. Susan R

        Great singer 🇺🇸

      3. Jehoshuah Bushong

        I'll yet I am klkkp0ooo@Mardan Life TV to you soon and

      4. Ron Ames

        :)s... Most Truly !

      5. Mardan Life TV


    2. Anna Andreoni


    3. Vintage Girl

      Incredible!!! Looove your voice. 👏😊💕

    4. Nicole Skibba

      In Germany we say: "Ganz große Klasse" 🧡 so lovely, so peaceful - just beautiful. Thanks for sharing this song. 🌷🍀

    5. bonzaibuddaa

      no wonder why your dad cried...

    6. joe lathlin

      wow ., ., thats just amazing ., ., thank you Allie

    7. Robert Ganther

      Beautiful voice ! As she sings 'Take my breath away" The mindless masses wear their masks, Yes brought tears to my eyes!

    8. Dea Helms

      sooo beautiful!!!!

    9. John Balladear

      Get an Amazon Fire 8 it is bigger and provides more screen space so not much scrolling required. I use one and they are very cheap. Lovely song but the scrolling ruins the flow.😉👏🏻

    10. Joseph Diveley

      I didn't cry ... so you lied ...

    11. Valera Ainsworth


    12. Michael Turner

      Beautiful song beautifully sung.

    13. Jotha Bohemian

      You can also come to Hannover. There is a place to take a nap and take a nice cake. ...but it's not Berlin, just fimíliar

    14. Abdul Thakur

      You truly are amazing 🤩 🔥🔥🔥🔥 you will be a huge star 🌟 💫 1 day

    15. Dennis Renner

      Young lady, you've got it.

    16. karen pimental

      Wow!☆Allie you have an amazing gift!!Keep singing,keep sharing,you shine!!!!!

    17. Kenny Webb

      Well I'm not Crying but I'm definately a Little Bigger Fan....LOVE IT

    18. Chad Cribb

      Such an amazing talent

    19. Elena de Villediue


    20. Sandy Supon

      What an amazing voice!!

    21. Christina Apelgren


    22. Michael Gallick

      God gave you a beautiful voice and some awesome talent !please don't stop ! We need people like you, who care and have love in their hearts for people ! I'm glad I heard you Allie ! I pray for you, that you believe in God and will accept Jesus into your heart, for can be in Heaven for eternity ! God loves us all and he doesn't want anyone to be cast into the lake of fire ! "You show us what The Lord has given you", and I thank you so much Allie! "You are very brave"! ❤🙏

    23. Ray Santiago

      Beautiful voice like an Angel and great acoustic guitar player. Awesome Girl! 😎👍🇺🇸

    24. Gerry Finegan

      I don't how....but you are getting better all the time. Keep it up Hun. Pure Brilliant.



    26. Ed S

      A star in the making!!!

    27. Nina Lopez

      You are awesome, beautiful voice...

    28. Trapped Inside A Figure 8

      Much better than the original.

    29. Peggy Baggenstoss

      Hello from Arkansas,USA. Top gun a favorite movie of mine. I’m enjoying your videos. I have friends in Dublin.

    30. Renee Mellott

      This is just beautiful!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ you rock girl!! So much emotion and depth in your voice!!

    31. j4ck_r

      Maverick would be proud lol

    32. Wilma Moore


    33. Mette Christiansen

      såå good .

    34. Les Hackett

      More like Alley. Les. Backing of a orc. Les o connor

    35. Bill Gray

      Allie you are totally unique. Listen to you everyday. This song is one of all time favs. You nailed it. Blessings young lady.

    36. Shih Tzu Fan


    37. Clem Johnson

      Just...... P E R F E C T!!

    38. C64Forever72

      Amazing! Incredible voice! Can't stop listen! Next song perhaps Dylan? The Times they are a changing?

    39. J Cud

      Top gun is my fav movie so nothing will top the original for me, that being said ,this is really really good.

    40. Maciek SlaskPL

      Piękny głos!

    41. Pray Trust

      Allie, so sweet of you to dedicate this to your Dad. 💚😇💜 Loved it in California 🌴

    42. R

      Um... why don't you have a record deal by now??? I don't get it? Surely you must have been approached by recording companies?! If not... I don't know why?

    43. Té-rrico DeBale

      I need more rhythm, pretty good voice

    44. Té-rrico DeBale

      Min 2:02 pretty funny girl walking face

    45. Sylvia Darter

      There’s no artist I’d rather hear than Allie Sherlock. Such pure feeling coming through her voice, definitely is very moving!

    46. John Belcher

      Raw Music how it's done

    47. Joseph Nicholson

      She,s great. An amazing talent. Such power and soulfulness in her voice.

    48. Nikki Sixx

      My twin 🔥 I think of you daily

    49. Mary Johnston

      You have the most beautiful voice! I bet your mama is so very proud of you. May God Bless and be with you always.❤️

    50. Joe Craw

      Took my breath away! Thanks, subscribed!!

    51. Bal Singh

      Wow. What a #talent.

    52. Joe Costigan

      Awesome performance 🤗 beautiful voice, you have God given talent keep going and be blessed 👍

    53. john

      Just a great son and voice

    54. Fred Helander

      Amazing voice. I saw Berlin in their heyday and your voice gave me the same goosebumps

    55. Stephen Sneed

      Its great to listen to the and replicate great music!! You go girl!!!

    56. john

      your singing style is getting better ,well done.

    57. Александр Журбенко

      Умничка и Красавица!:)

    58. Fabricio Araujo Viana

      Linda música👏❤

    59. Carol Wiatrak

      American idol winner!!!!!

    60. Carol Wiatrak

      Absolutely amazing 👏

    61. Wander Pereira

      The best singer ever!

    62. forsk_ inner4

      Oh my god that was WOW.. like wow

    63. Retrogamer77

      Voce divina....

    64. Zonis

      This gal can sell a song. I am looking forward to when she steps out with her own original material. She is quite the performer.

    65. Claudio Carbone

      No words needed♥️marvellous Allie

    66. Mark Gill

      You have an amazingly beautiful voice!!

    67. tekodoraudor


      1. Francis Fleur

        @tekodoraudor hahahha truth tho. That's what I thought too but I read some comments that it's her dad.

      2. tekodoraudor

        @Francis Fleur Ok, wasn't aware of that. Thought everybody was in control of their own YT channel. I just found it weird that most of her thumbnails are so sensational and that she refers to her self in third person often written in caps.

      3. Francis Fleur

        I think she's not the one who managing the RUpost uploads man so chill a lil bit, maybe that's the reason the video's title is a lil bit weird

    68. Christine Crow

      Gave me chills also

    69. Christine Crow

      I don't know why she is not singing professionally.

    70. Mario Paladin

      you missed the Em's. amazing voice. from Am should be Em not D.

    71. Rodrigo Ribeiro

      You've a beautiful voice and it 's so good to hear you singing that i forget about time. Thank you!

    72. Ronald Holmes

      Beautiful! And happy belated birthday!

    73. Philip Watson

      First live concert I'd like to go to.

    74. Roger Turner

      Way to sing kiddo !

    75. SuperMags26

      Beautiful, just like the original just a little more original. Thank you for this. Keep singing you are awesome. Kindest Regards from South Africa. :)

    76. joke moke

      if no one signs her i will, and it will be her label

    77. joke moke

      why she has not been signed yet?

    78. Carlene Lafarge

      😲😲 amazing !!!!

    79. navarro mjane

      So nice

    80. Ma Dam

      I did! 😭❤❤❤

    81. Bobby Williams

      your accent is so cute n sweet wow

    82. Bobby Williams

      love you allie so much you have the heart of an angel and voice is magical

    83. didik hendra

      i love your voice,,,

    84. Adventures of Miss Peach


    85. Dolma Sherpa

      Where's Caun? Miss his duet with you God bless Keep singing Spreading joy❤️

    86. Tammy Manuel

      You have such a beautiful voice. Love this!

    87. TwoBeatKick

      Thank you Allie.

    88. Mo Po

      Although I'm completely open about some covers. This is not how the song goes.... missed and dodged to many notes, and some important add lipss. Just sing what you know.

    89. moto 307

      Your amazing Alllie!!

    90. skye leslie

      Stunning voice and playing 😍

    91. D D

      Allie, you simply took my breath away! What a beautiful rendition of one of my favorite songs. You certainly made one 75 year old lady cry happy tears! Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice across this world-we need it!

    92. Meire Gonçalves

      Que garota fantastica😍

    93. Nek Needmar


    94. Mary Siewert


    95. Hong Muenzner

      Where is the boy you usually singing with?


      Beautiful voice. Nice to see some good in this dark world right now.

    97. f e r n a n d o

      Req the one that go away♥

    98. Kevin Hoeg

      Ohhhhhh Allie ... you brought this grandpa to tears. Beautifully done.

    99. Andrea Zanetti

      Love You Allie, we are waiting for you in Italy ❤️✌🏻

    100. Qui Tran

      If Mark ever need a break from filming I'd be more than happy to fill in.