AMAZING STREET BASE PLAYER | Toto - Africa | Allie Sherlock cover

Allie Sherlock

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    Hey guys, we performed this in Cork, Ireland. This is "Africa" by Toto.
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    Опубликовано: 2 месяца назад


    1. Milena Andrea Marchetti

      Born to be a Star!!!!!

    2. Sherry Renteria

      Tears and chills every time ❤️

    3. Michael Hammond

      Toto didnt sing it as good

    4. Bobby M

      Simply stunning.

    5. Georgi Konstantinov

      You're amazing! I love this song. Greetings from Bulgaria!

    6. Carson Dunn

      That “base” killin the keys solo tho... 🎶

    7. Jim Fromearth

      Good performance 👍🏻good choice👍🏻 can’t miss with top hit tunes👍🏻 Stairway to Heaven, Nights in White Satin. Be My Baby, The Bristol Stomp.😂

    8. Mr aquarius man

      I like that song Africa idol from Philippines

    9. Evergreen Spring

      Needs another singer with. Harmony.

    10. Jorge Oliveira

      Oi Allie ,Toto na sua voz ficou Top 👏👏

    11. Ian Futcher

      Nice bass

    12. Sharon Preston

      Thanks that was the first time I understood the words to that song!😄😄

    13. Rainman CW

      I have tried to karaoke this song. Its dang hard. The strain in her voice is what gets me. Its freaking hard

    14. 9881Kamil


    15. Taylor Klier

      I get the chills Everytime her voice breaks 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 amazing to do this with such power with solo vocals

    16. A B2

      Like Toto is for me okay...Allie makes it special

    17. Константин Савельев


    18. cristina almeida


    19. Thelma Dunkley

      Text Now:(Eight>Five>Six) (Three>Two>Four) (Seven>One>Four>Eight)

    20. Zane Thind

      I'm so thankful Toto made this song and Allie and the whole group covered this song

    21. Tommy D

      Wait... I love Allie, but no one else notices that she can’t pronounce Kilimanjaro or Serengeti? I don’t know, may be that is the correct pronunciation across the pond, like Al-loo-mini-um.

    22. H Nice


    23. Nick Martino

      Reminds me of Haley Reinhart... Beautifully astonishing voice 🎶🎵🦾

    24. Евгений Медведев


    25. Skee_Please

      Do they spell bass "base" in Ireland? or is everyone just going along with the misspelled title?


      Would love to have heard the guys do some harmonies in this. But still wonderful as always

    27. leandro LBL

      Allie sua voz é maravilhosa ....😍

    28. synthompainkiller

      Stop screaming!!! You canˋt sing every Song.Sorry, but it hurts in my ears.there are definitely other songs you can sing.

    29. Rickey Summers

      I love you💜

    30. susan cohoon


    31. David Heyes

      And the project fear folk wearing masks outside!

    32. Robert Lee

      This is a great performance. No qualifiers. And like all the greatest cuts of all time, they are live performances, not studio recordings. And the base player when he takes a break is magnificent. This is worth watching.

    33. Vladimir Sobolev Группа Альманах


    34. Antonio Carlos Carvalho

      Em qual cidade você está? Sua linda

    35. Gary Bundy

      Awesome. I would like to see/hear you do Silvermac by Westworld. Your voice is perfect for it.

    36. present tatives

      Very well done. Amazing performance.

    37. leandro LBL

      Amo 💞 essa voz

    38. Joazito ap ap

      Show 🤗🤗🤗🤗⚘⚘here is Brazil Sp 🖒

    39. David Lynas

      Your a really good singer it's good to see

    40. Brenda Gold


    41. Bram Smeets

      Allie!!!! We love you

    42. Alisienne D'Angoulême

      Ireland must be so proud of this little one... bright light kept shining through everything ERIN ALLIE GO BRAGH ❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

    43. David Payne

      Happy early birthday, driving yet?

    44. Big Boy


    45. Vince Hennigan

      I'll call Allie's voice 'THE GOLDEN FOGHORN' because of it's clarity, depth and power. The power in her voice is amazing and completely under control,. At 15 years of age, her professional performances are almost always flawless. Always a 'volume up' situation for me when Allie sings..

    46. Ezra Epizon

      Love her videos! Keep going!

    47. Gavin Hastings

      Greetings from South Africa. "'Alles sal reg kom,' some old man said here, once in time of struggle.. It is coming right, soon artists will amaze us in every walk of life again. Thank you Allie for bringing some form of salvation during the hardest parts of these days.

    48. EdwardCS


    49. piano tutorials by Anu


    50. Doreen Hansen


    51. Doreen Hansen

      Big hugs 🤗 man listen to the guitar

    52. Doreen Hansen

      You hear me 😊

    53. Doreen Hansen

      I love the way you sing it loud

    54. Doreen Hansen

      Wow yeah

    55. Doreen Hansen

      I Know this song

    56. Drummer Christian Hoffe

      One of my favorite TOTO Songs. Nice groovy version with three musicians. Great voice as always. Making music is simply great. Greetings, Chris!

    57. Gary Benson

      BRILLIANT and that not a easy song to do

    58. Paul Mills

      She is Gold…treasure her💥💥💥

    59. Txionee Victor


    60. Kees Overbeeke

      Allie & the Busketeers: world class.

    61. Andy Chen

      Messed up quite a few lines tho😂

    62. 桑名ファミリーKUWANA family official LIVE

      PEACE & Love🤗🌈🌹🎤Toto😋😅🎼🎹new style 😉

    63. Amnas2011

      🇵🇱Hi Allie!🎸🎶🎸Thanks for sharing!🎸🎶🎸!Excellent new song-cover and new street performance,of course subbed,greetings from Poland to Ireland and have a nice weekend by the way:)🎸🎶🎸

    64. Ivan Morales

      you are a very good artist, sing a song by Shakira

    65. Taj Abdullah


    66. Isaac haxton

      Take some singing listens or tighter cloths qbd id go with tighter outfits ..tryst me

    67. Izmal Fauzi

      Your voice is amazing😭

    68. Bertin Vasquez


    69. Arjen Westerhof

      Great Allie!

    70. Sahal Mj


    71. Achmad Humaidi

      nice bitrate for my pc

    72. Guerreros del Alma

      HIM-HER-IT 🇺🇳💍🍯❌🦅🦅♟💄👎🏼🚚💋🪖🇸🇦❌🪖

    73. Guerreros del Alma

      (; MMMMMMUAH 🎓💍

    74. Jander Luiz

      this girl will shine a lot and become very famous ... Adele take care ...i love Allie

    75. Magi Nelson

      1 word AMAZING

    76. Peter de Bruin

      Sorry Allie. I like your voice, but if you want to nail this song, you really need to change up the chorus instead of singing the whole thing in pretty much the same note.

    77. Irfan Ali

      Her Voice is intoxicating

    78. Joe Roberts

      Next cover, please do Zombie by The Cranberries! Your voice would sure suit that!


      Wow Amazing.... Support From indonesia

    80. Don W

      Ireland's Top 5 national treasures; Pubs, Guinness, Old Castles, The Blarney Stone, and Allie Sherlock's voice.

      1. Christo

        and dancing. unique

      2. J Mc

        So true,,,and I'm from,Auckland, New Zealand,Allie,s amazing,awesome,,,don't forget Sinbad oconner tho,,

    81. John Moore

      Yes yes yes

    82. Tyrell Lacey

      Good song, iust to let you know it's 'Bass' not 'Base'

    83. davmets86

      That little lily thing she does with her voice is killer

    84. Enny Schlaghecke

      Thank you Allie and friends. You made my day! Many greetings from the Netherlands, Enny

    85. Mike Jones

      Brilliant !

    86. James Heller

      Nah, you just can't cover Toto like this. Anything else, but not Toto, please.

    87. FertilityTV


    88. Davron Husanov

      You are so beautiful,I love you Allie 💓

    89. Brandon Thompson

      Allie is so awesome.. I've sung this song in my car, dogs start howling, squirrels run & hide, a few times my car has abruptly stopped

    90. Надежда Артемьева

      Волшебная девушка с волшебным голосом! Завораживает и гипнотизирует! I love it!!! My name is Nadya (from Moscow)👍😊

    91. Tevin Chidester

      Dear Wonder Women (Allie)...I was a talent scout/manager of a few up and coming artist like you in the 1970's Hollywood area. Your ability to sing any composition is extraordinary. The 50's through the 80's artist were and are all about how to create a peaceful world without government, laws, and money, poverty warring, and genocide. Please sing the songs of freedom.

      1. Tevin Chidester

        Krsystof Czajka, I certainly understand your frustration but I am one of those few of my generation that had the courage of my conviction for world peace. See for my World Peace Movement since 1978. Though the greatest teachers Like William Walker Atkinson, Jiddu Kryshnamurti, Alan Watts, Ram Das, Timothy Leary, Terence McKenna, John Lennon MLK, The Kennedy's, along with the 50's. 60's, 70's and 80's Musicians were more like me than the Musicians of today. Do you ask everyone in your life and people you meet for World Peace? Because that is exactly what it will take for humanity to free the world and save the planet. All day every day you must ask people to choose WeAgree to free and save the world. At 74 I just don't have the energy to be as productive but I never give up. Not ever...PS we are producing a Buskers World Peace Tour.

      2. Krzysztof Czajka

        So what happened then? Because hipsters that were smoking marijuana and singing about peace back then are running the world at the moment.

    92. Stacks nur Stacks

      So I really like to hear them. But that's not their song, not even remotely.

    93. Maria Kawasaki

      Allie singing Africa, love it!

    94. Faith Wiltse

      Such an incredibly unique voice, Allie. LOVE IT!!!!

    95. THE ABYSS

      Yeah, nah 👎🏻

    96. Indra Irawan


    97. Katherine Bayly

      What a chorus. Love it. Well done Allie.

    98. Hồng mèo


    99. GBV1436

      Awesome! One of my old favourites!

    100. Jason Carmichael

      Nicely done