Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror | Allie Sherlock, Fabio Rodrigues & John Mahon Cover

Allie Sherlock

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    Hi all, this video is just a memory of when we were allowed to play on the shopping streets in Dublin. I wish these days will come back.
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    1. Frandika Putra

      Bulet yahh , jadi kpngn kenyot

    2. Classy Pomeranian

      michael jackson is praising you from heaven

    3. Eric Jimenez

      Sounds the same to me like it

    4. Nuringsih23 Nuringsih23

      you rocksss... Love your voice.. Allie.. hugfrom Jakarta..Indonesia...

    5. YISSEL

      Y el coronaviruz que se hizo

    6. G WS

      why is doug judy playing guitar

    7. CAS santos


    8. Lorenzo Antonicelli

      Mi piacerebbe tanto sentire una tua interpretazione di "somebody that i used to know" di Gotye feat. Kimbra

    9. Your Uncle Malcolm

      How have I just discovered this girl. Absolutely stunning vocals

    10. Irene J

      I dang this for my 5th grade graduation almost 3 years ago

    11. LT's Garage

      Not bad! Not perfect. But not bad!!

    12. Owy Kalawaschta

      Oh my no, a New Version . At the Last One , i Need a Ambulance.... ok , all Gates Open , crying....... 😌

    13. Maryam

      RIP M J miss u 🌙🥺⚡

    14. Maryam


    15. Bia Pozzoli

      Allie sua voz é lindaaa! Por favor, gostaria de pedir pra vc cantar a música la isla bonita, da madonna, junto dessa banda, Fábio Rodrigues, john and jason 🙌👍⚘sucesso 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏⭐

    16. Michael Bear

      You guys just made my day. Thank you! ..'hope to see you again at Grafton Street in the near future!

    17. Mad Dad

      I dream of singing with you someday

    18. T L

      I LOVE raw acoustic like this This is SO amazing and such music to my ears! Thank you so much!

    19. Max petersilie

      You all have to Google Allie Sherlock Nu... you know what i mean

    20. El Che Rey


    21. izzys channel

      I'm 9 years old and love mj

    22. Valde //

      Great, great music, indeed!! Ps guys are you not freezing there? ha ha I am jealous we had snow storm here and - 7C ..

    23. Vladimir Lebedev


    24. Ice Age Scrat

      It was okay.

    25. Gary Lockhart

      Pure class.

    26. Karel Pastika


    27. Евгений Zevs

      Женский капитал, красота и молодость, нужно вкладывать в семью, карьеру можно и прервать на некоторое время и уж точно не стоит менять этот капитал на деньги и развлечения. Удачи.

    28. FAPMTC Music Studio


    29. Marco Matias

      Boa noite! Essa música, infelizmente, não deu certo pra você. Você mais gritou do que cantou. Você é ótima; mas essa não deu certo. Infelizmente!

    30. William

      your voice is something amazing , thanks for signing your heart out for people to hear (:

    31. Pedro Bastos

      say guys all right? check my channel !!rupost.info/dash/oX6C2qmGzLF-t6g/video

    32. Nelson Kaiowá

      Gostei . Liked it.

    33. Kate Rexwinkle

      How do people just walk by...I'd be in awe...


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    35. Jahmzilyrics channel

      Hopefully you see the lyrics of your covers in my channel. I will start to put lyrics everytime you put new cover's song 😍 I'm a fan 😍😍

    36. Leon Ess

      Michael Jackson ❤❤ 💪💪 and Allie's performance of this is awesome

    37. king reyes

      new voice new song of allie sherlock

    38. viktor130682

    39. Mouhamed Djabri

      I love you girl ❤❤

    40. kadir nasa

      SEHR SÜSS:)

    41. kadir nasa


    42. Dominik Duda

      yes good and all but MJ really meant it - didnt read lyrics of a sheet

    43. Надежда Артемьева

      Я начинаю с себя! 👍😊

    44. E S

      What’s happening to Fabio, he’s looking RUFF.🥸


      Love u

    46. Kenzi Ramadhan

      Alif ba ta You must watch him The fingerstyle

    47. Sylvie

      I LOVE YOUR VOICE. Suggestion; STOP constantly fixing your bra, top, pants, sweater etc. Not annoying just not professional, thanks

    48. Pedro Bastos


    49. Pedro Bastos


    50. 12クレット


    51. Carlos Monzo

      I need someone to explain me one question, please. Because I don't have social networks and I'm not up to date.... She's a very good singer, with an amazing voice and talent. And also, she's already well know. So, I suppose that she will have already recorded an album and performed in theaters. But then (and this is my doubt), why is she still playing in the streets?? (it's nothing wrong at all to play in the streets, but in her case, I don't understand..... ) Is it because of the current situation of the covid??

      1. Carlos Monzo

        @A_ Suivre It's clear that she really enjoys what she does.....

      2. A_ Suivre

        The freedom, the joy, the happiness, the lightness, the simplicity, the generosity, the spontaneity, the talent, the love of simple people, the love of the people of the street, far from the media and the razor-sharp politicians who take us our passions, our lives, our hopes which roll our brains which animate the evil one and the hatred every evening, this is perhaps why a girl at the age of 16 years sings in the street =!: - D)

      3. Carlos Monzo

        @Liam Watts Thanks for your comments, Liam

      4. Liam Watts

        she is young I dont think she wants to preform at huge shows as she has done the sheet stuff since she was like 14 and she has a RUpost channel to run

    52. Tudo em Ksa

      Hello Allie, I’m from Brazil, I’d like to hear about you life’s history, do You have a video that I Could hear about that? It ‘cause I heard that so great... If U could , share it? Hugs God Bless U

    53. Jinedzfamily vlog

      Full watching here

    54. Jinedzfamily vlog

      Sending my full support here New friend from phillipines thank you so much enjoy singing

    55. froppy


    56. Jessie keneth Lopez

      Its a beautiful song keep up the gud work from philipines take care always luv u

    57. Ankie van Boxtel


    58. Always Sunset

      야 기분 조타

    59. skateshacksample

      self help books 4 females. integrated science sixth edition from mc graw hill hard cover. book by bill w tillery, eldo d. enger, and frederick c. ross

    60. Suzanne Schoenthaler

      Sing some Neil Diamond: "Forever in Blue Jeans," "Hello Again," "Shilo," "Song Sung Blue," "Holly Holy," "Play Me," "Soolaimon," "I Am I Said," "September Morning," "I'm a Believer,"

    61. skateshacksample

      allie schlock

    62. Tony Arc

      I would NEVER would want to have this girl as a father. She turns 18 all the pervs will come out.

      1. Tony Arc

        @Liam Watts TAKE A HUGE guess. OMG

      2. Liam Watts

        Especially at 18 that would be legal

      3. Liam Watts

        Why would the pervs come

    63. Tony Arc

      At 2:00 I would take a HRD look at that guy.

    64. Tony Arc

      Thank God for warm weather!

    65. Harfandi Maupa

      What is youre name instagram? Allie

    66. Padurean Sergiu

      Greetings from Romania! You sing very well and you have a wonderful voice, keep up the good work!

    67. Orcas Waling

      Listen to MJ's Lyrics....

    68. Teddy Lkk

      Awesome as usual

    69. kfresenius1

      Very good your interpretation !! I always love your singing , and your so beautiful ! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. P.S.: I'm a singer and a painter.

    70. Inspiring How UC That

      You never cease to amaze us Allie!

    71. Armando Zurita Pérez

      Y las mascarillas?. Cuando se grabó ese vídeo?

    72. Lisa

      How is not one person dancing? When I hear music, I move.

    73. John Gnosis Tarot

      Wonderful, thank you for this!

    74. Sergio Barbosa Cardoso

      Sérgio Brazil (São Paulo). 👏 👏 👏 👏

    75. Vito Rocam

      😍 😍 😍 Bacana de mais. Show... I love you...

    76. abdel bassecover

      Nice performance, congratulations from Lyon France

    77. Marlon Yori

      Saludos hermano, vi uno de tus videos y terminé sumergido creo que más de una hora viendo una reproducción tras otra, fue genial, ya te amo. ¡Éxito!

    78. Phil O

      not hard to write a one woman show for BROADWAY around her

    79. oilfan pw


    80. Dave Lee

      Stunning 😍😍😍

    81. Agil Fadillah

      Bulat ya..

    82. Rakel

      Qué tres artistas!!! 😘😘😘

    83. Square One

      so good :o

    84. Wild Galway


    85. Lisa Vänstëëg

      could u pls do first aid kit siver lining?

    86. Stanley t Hamlin

      Wow that song was what I needed to hear thanks ! Keep it up

    87. jo

      Allie is a great entertainer, so chilled and relaxed and natural.....

    88. Alip_Ba_Ta Fingerstyle Channel

      Nice show nice voice

    89. Rob Anderson

      Wow Allie! Been away a few weeks. You just keep getting more unbelievably talented and accomplished. Thank you so much for the joy you, and your fellow artists there, bring to this world. ❤️

    90. Patricia's 21st Century USA


    91. Alejandro Maldonado

      Esta chica es sensacional

    92. Jny Angel

      Bitcoin Allie? Just a suggestion 🤙🏾

    93. Earthling

      This kid is incredible. I'd love to see what she could do with the O'Keefe Music Foundation gang.

      1. John Hariis

        @Doggy Joys then why mention her 2 huge talents? As you've already said she's just 16? 🤔

      2. Moto Pig

        @Doggy Joys your a pig

      3. Moto Pig

        I believe she's already signed to a record label

    94. Marc Jourdain

      100% good. 🤎💜💙💚💛🧡❤🤍🖤💖💗💓💝

    95. Roberto Cordova

      That was beautiful

    96. Alessandro Bianco

      Me encanta que sigan con el legado del rey Michael

    97. C Miller

      Needed Fabio's amazingness here

    98. Luka Willems

      OMG I Love the song. nice song choice

    99. Gustavo da Silva Jiu-Jitsu


    100. คฑาวุธ เรืองบุญรบ

      King of pop Come back -?