The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun | Allie Sherlock & John Mahon cover

Allie Sherlock

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    Hey everyone, we did this amazing song in a beautiful park in Dublin, Ireland.
    This is "Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles" with John Mahon on guitar.
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    1. strshooter

      A classic tune, sung by a very talented young woman. Success in a big way should come along I would think. Great music :=) {nice work from the guitarist also. { := } }

    2. Rons Lens

      Well done, outstanding!

    3. Rob 420

      Two thumbs up.

    4. CAS santos


    5. Free Fare

      Allie, sing high hopes. It was beautiful in your voice!

    6. Криштиану Роналду

      Allie ♥️♥️♥️

    7. Thurloe Kohler

      I dont think you realise what a gift you have been given.You will never have to be lonely.You can earn a great living doing what you love.Remember the forgotten the hurt and the failed mucisians that you bring comfort to.

    8. Scott From Maryland

      Thank you Allie, this was great. A great tribute to George Harrison wrote and sang from the soul.

    9. KiltedCorgi

      An anthem for coming out of the Rona days. some video editing and this will be enjoyed by generations. thank you

    10. Claudio Carbone

      So good Allie♥️😭

    11. Brenda Snider

      Awesome singing. Love this song. You are truly amazing 👏 ❤

    12. Dor Mal


    13. Lando X420x

      What a beautiful song ruined

    14. A Voice in the Wilderness


    15. R P


    16. Glenn Greenstein

      Here comes the fun... Oh oh

    17. Max petersilie

      You all have to Google Allie Sherlock Nu... you know what i mean

    18. Mark Martin

      Sing some Grateful Dead!

    19. Merago


    20. Lelly Silva

      Caramba que vós é essa fã Brasileira 🇧🇷♥️

    21. Lelly Silva

      Você ganhou uma fã Brasileira canta muito .....

    22. Jean-François Pinget

      Allie, it is made for you this kind of songs. Chose you (british) songs ! :) Congrats for your work and your talent.


      Morning pretty woman!!

    24. Pedro Bastos

      say guys all right? check my channel !!

    25. Konfi-Yeah


    26. 宇宙にポイ

      素晴らしい! すごく素敵な歌声です

    27. Jay Griffiths

      Heaven, as always.

    28. Nilda Servilio

      Amei..essa dupla é forte

    29. Pedro Bastos

    30. Pedro Bastos

    31. Gregory Wheless

      George is smiling now .


      You can sing obviously, but I don't like this version. Beatles songs need to be left alone they are perfect.

    33. David Paul

      Beautiful -- Paul McCartney would b smiling 😀😀

    34. douglas graham

      I am a 73 year old and just came across ya channel, wow such talented bunch!

    35. Martin Borisov

      Perfect performance.

    36. Jurek Szymański

      Hi Allie bravo Twój film jest wyjątkowy oraz Twój śpiew i muzyka dziękuje i pozdrawiam Was serdecznie dowidzenia 🇵🇱💐🥀

    37. Jurek Szymański

      Hi Allie bravo your song and is Best thank you very very mach bey bey 🇵🇱💐🥀

    38. beto Burgos


    39. skip mongo

      I’ve been very depressed for the last few days. After watching this it was as if the sun came down and kissed me. This brightened my spirits. Thank you so much🌞🌝🌞

    40. mike funk

      Such a unique tone. You know it’s Allie when you hear that voice. No one else like her. She puts so much effort into her art. She’s going places!!

    41. AJ Babe

      I love it when you sing romantic songs,please do more romantic songs.Thank you

    42. LUKE SHEN

      I am suprised to find nobody wore a mask there, there isn't covid-19 in Dublin?

    43. Luka Willems

      OMG I Love the song. nice song choice

    44. Marinês da Silveira Carlos

      Lá lá lá🌹🌹🌹você é dez 👏👏👏❤

    45. A - naturelover C


    46. Sergio Barbosa Cardoso

      Sérgio Brazil (São Paulo). 👏 👏👏 👏

    47. Revenir à la raison

      A beautiful park indeed! With beautiful - and thank god mostly maskless (is that a word?) people. How I'd like to be there, see & listen to you guys live! Two more observations: 1) Seems to be a very late spring this year ALL OVER EUROPE. 2) Incredibly warm guitar sound!

    48. Tom Torrell

      He voice has great range. She has a voice that ranges from soprano down to mezzo soprano. That's real talent. She has a great future because her dad is there to guide her.

    49. Tom Torrell

      He voice has great range. She has a voice that ranges from soprano down to mezzo soprano. That's real talent. She has a great future because her dad is there to guide her.

    50. Lurdinha Mendes Santos

      Lindo! Lindo! Lindo!

    51. Pisciculture Saint Morat

      John is as always... Perfect.... Can't say less for Allie... So a great cover at the end!!

    52. Clara Phillips

      Ok I been watching her videos for 5 hours straight wtf?!

    53. ZIgfredo Bucani


    54. Rita Reid

      Go Allie you are a brilliant singer👍

    55. bigulandia FM

      Lots of Love from Brasil 👍🇧🇷

    56. hamllton hope

      Too high an octave, you are not playing to your strength, don't let the guitarist out of your sight, love from Australia

    57. Victor Akinrnmad

      My favourite

    58. Hector Baltazar


    59. Julie Personne

      It's great to hear her sing with this soft voice. Great cover ! ✨

    60. Paulo Gutemberg


    61. Cido Viola e Serginho

      Top demais , que show lindo ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

    62. Raving Cyclist

      Fantastic guitar ! One if the all-time great songs! Thanks Allie!

    63. Steven Mattos

      Allie has one of the best voices ever!

    64. Starla Smith

      Could you do "if i fell" by the Beatles?

    65. Rebecca Scott

      Here comes the sun......🌞🌞Ellie🌞🌞

    66. guy sumpthin

      Dublin : the music capitol of the world

    67. Mauro Mezzorana

      Spring´s Sunny Saturday afternoon and there´s Only 33 people standing there listening. What´s wrong with the world?

    68. easy4steve

      well done guys

    69. Kellie&Jack fm

      Amazing x

    70. BWWKH

      💖💖💖 💖💖💖💖💖💖 💖💖💖

    71. Мила Я


    72. Alejandro Maldonado

      Thank you sllie

    73. WarmTea

      Beautiful guitar work, handsome lad too! Allie nailed it, like usual. Beautiful voice.

    74. J ftube

      Just beautiful!

    75. William Fowler

      Great guitar work by John and as always Allie does another awesome cover. This song was written by John Lennon

    76. Clelio Guterres

      Nice Voice❤❤💪

    77. jobobperry

      Kind of needed this; maybe it is the light at the end of this sick year. Thank you for bringing some cheer..

    78. Cliff Usmany

      Request 🙏🙏 Pamungkas | To the bone🙏🙏🙏

    79. Arnel Belino

      Hi Allie.. you have a wonderful voice.Keep it up and stay safe always

    80. Yu Chong

      Nice song for the oldies like me, but you need to learn the song, dear.

    81. Paul Bradley

      I love this song by George Harrison.

    82. jose Lj

      Hermosa cancion 😍


      Here comes allie dudu dudduuuu

    84. Matko Pavic

      Bravo Allie,great lovely voice and emotion.Nice greeting from Croatia.

    85. Phillip II

      George Harrison ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    86. Dijwar Mo


    87. M L

      your voice is incredible. I love it

    88. AnandaYoga108

      Amazing and marvellous. I think the only musical challenge for Allie would be to try a true jodel. That would take practice... could she make it?

    89. Tom Beston

      Sorry Ellie, at mo seem to be letting classics down, middle section especially, your voice is beautiful but, only suits certain songs/ lyrics, not all

    90. Paul Williams

      omg such a beautiful voice

    91. Simona De Prisco


    92. Detlef Heubach


    93. Harley plays 321

      Your such an angel at singing we love you allie wish i could do a duet with you

    94. Tobagega Agegabot

      this is not grafton street

    95. henrique bastos

      Don't you and Fabio Rodrigues sing together anymore? You fought?

    96. Chris Jackson

      very, very nice! thanks, needed to hear good music. great work.

    97. HabibR

      A big big Love you from Tunis ❤

    98. E-Irä Tv

      keep it up

    99. Nafisa Haddad

      Allie your voice is very very beautiful I love i, it’s music to my ears and I’m from the uk btw so I liked and subscribed👍

    100. Chrissy Bagwell

      Allie sings absolutely beautiful “Here Comes The Sun” classic Beatles song! Superb guitar music by John! 🌞❤️🎤👩🏻❤️🎸🧑🏻‍🦱 Here comes the sun do, do, do🌞 Here comes the sun🌞 And I say it’s all right👍