SHE IS AMAZING | Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up | Allie Sherlock & Saibh Skelly Cover

Allie Sherlock

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    One of my favourite artists to do covers of is Jason Mraz.
    I love this one - "I won't give up" with Saibh Skelly.
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    Saibh Skelly!
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    Опубликовано: Месяц назад


    1. Scott From Maryland

      Really like when you two harmonize. I swear your sisters from different mothers.

    2. Eskema Luz

      Olá Allie Sherlock e Saibh.,se possível facam um duo com a música Creep do Radiohead ,música brasileira Janta da Malu Magalhães e Marcelo Camelo ela canta em Ingles no duo que faz com ele ok fico no aguardo vcs são ótimas naquilo que se propõe a fazer

    3. Billy YNWA Goodison

      Theeeeeees two oh my LORD lil angels together pure as water 🙏🙏 #YNW

    4. Mr aquarius man

      Idol don't give up from Philippines

    5. John Berry

      Allie, try to come up with a "cover" for the following song . . . *As Tears Go By* (by _The Rolling Stones)_ *[note]:* ^this^ duet features _Taylor Swift_ and _Mick Jagger_

    6. Haroldkit Sabang


    7. Susan Cornwell

      Compliment each other so well love listening and watching them 🎵🎶👏

    8. Djoeng Pauw Bong

      Great both of you! 👍❤️

    9. Gary Bradski

      Great, do more simultaneous harmony though that's hard first time through, but it sounds great.

    10. Colin O Gorman

      Such a great song

    11. Guy Tremblay

      Bonsoir Allie ! Vous chantez bien et en plus vous êtes belles toutes les deux !

    12. Ron Fialho

      Oh Yeah Skelly... that pepper is soooooo hot!!!!! like your style!!!

    13. Jerome Tundag

      We play guitar and try a tabs, hello beautiful lady's from here Philippines

    14. Southern Comfort

      Saibh plays guitar and plays it well. Just wondering why she never has it when they are singing together?

    15. Southern Comfort

      Saibh is getting prettier every time I see her!

    16. Adrian Kelly

      Great young women.have to remember how young they 5 years time who knows but they seem unstoppable but I think that Allie Sherlock will be a serious artist and saibh will be a recognized singer whatever about the future it's great to see and hear these young women being so confident .they know they're good.


      Allie sei bellissima

    18. Enrico Bombino

      Great Allie!! From Genoa,ITALY

    19. Rosa Gumamela

      ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ watching singapore

    20. john o'neil

      Fabulous girls, loved it.....

    21. Aarav Mehta

      You guys covered my fav Jason mraz song wowwwwwowowow

    22. Thelma Dunkley

      Text Now:(Eight>Five>Six) (Three>Two>Four) (Seven>One>Four>Eight)

    23. Vince Hennigan

      Saibh, sorry , but honestly you need to take a look at how you dress. Rags and tatters only do so much until you begin to look kinda weird. You overdid it this time. Otherwise a great duet from you both.

      1. Nova Juan

        Haha, you're just showing your age . Saibh has a great sense of style.

    24. Mourad Alger


    25. Mourad Alger

      Very nice

    26. Саша


    27. Asterios Fotiadis

      Ah girls, your smiles are a treasure.

    28. john burke

      Such beautiful harmonies from 2 amazing singers 🤗🤗🤗🎶🎶🎶

    29. Jason Houlden

      They are both very talented singers they should be given a chance to bring this to a wider audience.

    30. Ian Kings

      Allies still the voice, Saibh is getting more confidence with good vocals.

    31. Quentin Servantes

      Wow your voice tones are so unique and together it is just mesmerizing

    32. Mark D

      You both make it look far too easy ha 👍👏🎤

    33. Zampano691

      Im internet tummeln sich mehr Talente als in allen Charts

    34. Filip Iliev

      the dude vibin in the back round and singing

    35. svein kihl

      klos ond

    36. Momo Parent


    37. cm zam gaming

      Saibh is beautifull i like her

    38. Char C.

      Very beautiful!!! I am really excited when I get to hear you both singing together !! Allie and Saibh !! 😊🌷🍀👍💜✝️🌻

    39. Rosenilda Rocha Moura

      Theo best. I m from Brazil.

    40. jaime moreira

      Manda um olá...

    41. jaime moreira

      Abraço gurias, aqui da cidade de Pelotas, do estado do Rio grande do Sul no Brasil. Parabéns!

    42. GgeerrJimison


    43. KUMA K


    44. Antonio Carlos Carvalho

      Você é show sua linda. Tens um fã aqui na Bahia Brasil

    45. Mauricio Hernández

      Why nobody uses mask?

    46. Hans van der Steen


    47. Александр Кочанов


    48. Александр Mужипов

      good afternoon == you can not sing songs == according to the book == you are not in school = this is a cheat sheet = you must sing = and look the listener in = eyes= then it will be = everything is fine = thank you = Russia = Chelyabinsk

    49. guitaro5000

      Don't give up!! :D

    50. Robert Castle

      I will just have to get over to Grafton Street ,Ireland as soon as possable.

    51. Евгений Медведев


    52. carla Roldan

      Hello!!! you have to sing some in spanish !!! greetings from Argentina

    53. Carlos

      Nice. ❤️💛❤️

    54. PeopleAdverts

      Was this really 4 days ago ? Or uploaded 4 days ago ?

    55. Larry Ott

      Perfect together.

    56. ycec egroj


    57. Максим Смирнов

      You sing great together 🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    58. Théo Oliver

      Algum fã mais antigo aqui? Eu desde junho de 2017 conheci essa joia preciosa da música ⚡🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    59. Todd Wyman

      Allie mimics Adele. Another cover song by Adele.

    60. Bettyhaha

      Have you covered Lucky Man by The Verve, yet?

    61. Breeze Superman

      Beautiful fashion... Beautiful lady...

    62. Doreen Hansen

      Has is does

    63. Doreen Hansen

      She’s 😊😊 your friend had got a voice that feels grabs you what pair 😊

    64. Shane

      Sooo Good

    65. Ghie Smith


    66. 桑名ファミリーKUWANA family official LIVE

      PEACE & Love😋👯

    67. Raphael Reis Compositor

      You are perfect

    68. Charef Berrezoug

      Beautiful girls music video. Thanks Allie and girl 👈😎 🎙️🎶💞👍👍👍💯 🇬🇧 Charef@🇩🇿

    69. marcelobaumotte

      Beautiful !!

    70. Lucas Micael

      Tão envergonhada e com essa voz linda, musica que acalma a alma! 😌

    71. CAS santos


    72. Izza Moreno

      Wow wish i could met you both one day

    73. iLoveAction Movie

      Ohh I really Loved Your Allie's Friend so much, Im ready to dance with her under this song )

    74. Ronald Simonet

      Jason Mraz is a great songwriter and you and Saibh really did his song justice! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    75. panagiotis_da

      Many greetings from Greece 🇬🇷

    76. Mickie Jonesy

      Allie and Saibh, that was a gorgeous cover! You both sing beautifully together and separately! Love this one very much! You both are amazing! 💖💖💖

    77. Geddk


    78. ص القحطاني

      Who remembers Christina grimmie's rendition of this song 💚💔

    79. jad katra

      Sing to me when I'm about to die please

    80. Rafis Rafis


    81. Quick Silver

      i love you allie

    82. Ronnie Baker

      Allie seems so mature for her age. She's what 15 or 16? I have followed her career for a few years now and she ie always amazing!

    83. Stephen Grist

      As always pure class from 2 of Dublin's best, well done girls, you smashed it, Brilliant

    84. Roland Rabe

      bravo....mabuhay... .

    85. Rafaela dos Santos

      Kelly Clarkson Breakaway

    86. hibo sidow

      1:25 guy in the back starts vibing with them

    87. Jason Smythe

      Keep Walking Everyone

    88. Wesley Mullenhour


    89. wonder fuller


    90. Rich Hough

      These two are great together , but think it must be warmer in Dublin than this side of the water Miss Skelly 🤣🤣

    91. Peet van der Vloed

      Dublin’s finest ❤️

    92. Wolf

      CK xD

    93. Florent ROY

      Bravo aussi à ton amie Saibh ! Allie tu joues de mieux en mieux de la guitare, bravo, continues, un jour tu sera une grande star ! Flo

    94. Florent ROY

      One more time, well done Allie, you're so much ... Thank you. Flo.

    95. Rebecka Ford

      Ohh that voice ❤

    96. Michael Duffy


    97. Michael j.

      Heck yeah 📶 Go Irish!

    98. Doreen Hansen

      People should be seated each some French fries

    99. Doreen Hansen

      It’s about the time to move indoors 😊

    100. Martin Garcia

      Muy talentosas y guapas saludos desde Neza York🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽