Sam Smith - Lay Me Down | Allie Sherlock & Izo cover

Allie Sherlock

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    I love performing this song, so I decided to perform it this time with my friend Izo, who is another street performer from Dublin Ireland.
    This is "Sam Smith - Lay Me Down".
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    1. CAS santos


    2. Sherry Renteria

      Beautiful voices

    3. emmanuel fleury


    4. Chris Nickel

      Hearing her sing brings tears to my eyes. That to me is the sign of a great singer

    5. Pedi mo

      This really wonderful, amazing I hope we see you soon your album 😊

    6. Anastasia Ponomareva Violin

      Very beautiful! 🎵😍😘😚😚😚😚😚💫💖💕💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    7. Lindsay Smith

      Cute as buttons... more talented than Houdini.

    8. Dragonz Bay


    9. Abdelazeem Mostafa


    10. Maria Lenira Teixeira Tosta


    11. kyle bends

      the front pleat is pretty distracting. great music

    12. RayMarsRover

      Allie is so good that she has 4.4 million RUpost subscribers slready and she's only 16. Totally awesome!

    13. Jade Hamelin


    14. Bettsbe58

      The painstaking candle moberly regret because learning dfly inject throughout a hysterical precipitation. mammoth, simple fiberglass

    15. sofira zilik

      Can you also cover Diamonds by Sam Smith..? Ty.

    16. Chintya Ayu Firanty

      Yes, I do, I believe That one day I will be where I was Right there, right next to you And it's hard, the days just seem so dark The moon, and the stars are nothing without you Your touch, your skin, where do I begin? No words can explain the way I'm missing you Deny this emptiness, this hole that I'm inside These tears, they tell their own story Told me not to cry when you were gone But the feeling's overwhelming, it's much too strong Can I lay by your side, next to you? You And make sure you're alright I'll take care of you And I don't want to be here if I can't be with you tonight I'm reaching out to you Can you hear my call, boy? This hurt that I've been through I'm missing you, I'm missing you like crazy, you Can I lay by your side? Next to you, to you And make sure you're alright I'll take care of you And I don't want to be here if I can't be with you tonight Oh, lay me down tonight Lay me by your side, whoa Lay me down tonight Lay me by your side Can I lay by your side? Next to you, you

    17. Jerome Tundag

      Am Music lover, hello here Philippines 😍💓

    18. Alexander Ismajlvo


    19. José Martín Valdez Armenta

      Bendiciones Sherlock un abrazo Dios te bendise con esa hermosa voz

    20. José Martín Valdez Armenta

      Se ve k hace frío.

    21. Fabio Tito Montefinale

      Woooohoo!!!👌👌Fantástico👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🎤🎤🎸🎼👍👍👍excelentes Allie💘🌹😘 IZO💖💖💖

    22. Cris Pérez

      Increíblemente bonito 💙

    23. Horizon

      Привет!ответь пожалуйста (((фанат с РОССИИ))

    24. Marcelo Sena


    25. freeless

      And Allie was holding back

    26. Steve Sa.2c

      You can be a really good singer and not far from it but your guitar playing is soo bad and effect so bad in your singing too I suggest you forget about it and just sing and grow fast When it was perfect just play guitar without singing ... then together

    27. Gary Osberg

      Wonderful Allie. Happy Birthday It is hard to believe that you are only 16 years old.

    28. Sanevi Cordova

      Mai gaaaaad... Thanks for this... You are so talented giiirls👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    29. David Gmail


    30. John Klevinsky


    31. likehistorypolitics 9

      Jesus Christ loves everyone and you 😊

    32. Mark Chambers

      Happy Birthday Allie Sherlock

    33. Claudio Francisco

      Una voz de majestuosa Allie!! ⭐

    34. Billy YNWA Goodison


    35. James Casey

      Sounds great!

    36. Chrissy Bagwell

      Allie and Izo sing soulfully heavenly beautiful “Lay Me Down” you told me not to cry when you were gone, missing you miss you like crazy for all our loved ones who have passed into the eternal spiritual soul afterlife heartfelt song!💙🎤👩🏻🎸💙🎤👩🏻💙😇💙👼

    37. Sina Krämer

      One of my favorite covers of yours!! Love it

    38. Judy Lamantia

      So beautiful as always, love her voice

    39. Benedict Ongpauco

      Michael pangilian cover🤔

    40. A G

      Allie, you don't just have a gorgeous voice but you have a generous huge heart that is willing to share the spotlight with others to help them get out there as well. Thank you for being who you are❤

    41. Zviola Bach

      Beautiful beautiful angels such talent thank you for your voice sharing your amazing talent Blessing 🙏🌻❤️

    42. Kidelmo Balangue

      i like your voice both my dear friends

    43. Kidelmo Balangue

      i really i like your voice My dear friend Allie and Godbless My dear friend Allie

    44. Mick Corbett

      I love her, but her voice is monotonous. Just like Adele. No melodic range. Needs a coach to extend her vocal range to be more melodic. Just an opinion.

    45. K1 M1

      Beautiful voices!

    46. Raful Navarro

      You killed it, Allie!!!!!


      Niña con mucho talento Dios la siga bendiciendo

    48. Didier Favre

      I love it !

    49. Ivor Francis

      How beautiful! As long as you two angels are singing somewhere in the world, I know there is hope for humanity.

    50. digginerup Fort'e

      For the love of god girl, is there no end to your talent?, and Izo you have the voice of an angel, please someone write a song for Allie that could highlight her wonderful voice range, so many songs to sing Allie, you will be a star!

    51. Imlitemjen Aier

      See! This is what I mean. When you turn towards the right side, ditto my lil one yah. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰. I pray for you have a bright future Allie. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰👍👍

    52. Juli Snow

      Тебе для подпевки никто не нужен. Только мужчина высокий хорошо поёт.

    53. Hanga Zsuzsanna Hoppál


    54. Heather Laird-McLeod

      Sam Smith you're great, so much emotion.

    55. José Luiz Fabre

      Viva o Sol!... Viva a vida!... Viva o amor!... E viva a ALLIE SHERLOCK!... Very Nice! Fabre-Brasil.

    56. Максим Родионов

      Ещё раз привет из России!!! Круто!!!

    57. Laurie Hudgson

      Allie, you work with some beautiful people and it is lovely watching and hearing you with them.

    58. Jimmy Twizzle

      Nice listening to the song. But let’s see how many people in the background passing by who are wearing masks? Hmmm, not that many.

    59. Vivian Bertis

      Im from the Philippines your no.1 fan. Love to hear your voice Allie. You know since the lockdown can't help it but to listen to you.. just continue your career . So wonderful future ahead of you a cool and gourgeos girl ... keep safe..😘

    60. Ahmad Zr

      I'm from indonesia

    61. steve outdoors uk

      Allie, I don't normally use the word superstar but this is the only way I can accurately describe you! Take care mate, Steve. 👍👍

    62. Lemmy Mace

      Another wonderful collaboration!!! Loved it alot!!! Two Big thumbs up from me!!!

    63. Castledark Dweller

      um i know this is neither here nor there but i just have to say it..... I BLOODY LOVE THAT BEAUTIFUL TIEDYE JACKET!!!!!

    64. Thomas Roman

      A human Easter egg! Beautiful!

    65. Budi Alam syah

      I like this

    66. Александр Михайлов

      Особенно прикольно, когда койотом завывает.

    67. matromes

      So beautiful. The girls have done Sam Smith proud.

    68. Scuba 720

      Did not think it was possible to top version of this song with Saibh .... Allie delivers again Powerful but subtle as well BEAUTIFUL

    69. Justin Foltz

      Now, if we could be so lucky to have you both sing a song at the same time harmonizing. Regardless, a fun performance, even with "forgetting" chords - it was amazing.

    70. lovetogolf

      Dam!!!! Nice run!!! Izo killing it with Miss Sherlock After 2nd time watching this I heard Mariah Carey at the end!! :)))

    71. rumbellefever


    72. Powell Daphne

      The lovely step-sister definitely disagree because shell normally possess worth a substantial substance. quirky, annoying wine

    73. 1 winner

      Hacen lindo duo !

    74. Lastria Yuniarti


    75. ken nak


    76. Ree B

      That slight quiver in Izzo's voice reminded me of Sinead O'Connor a bit.

    77. boburshokh akhmadaliev


    78. Виктор Машинский

      Greetings from Russia! Cool girls!

    79. James Schaller

      Awesome girls. Very fun

    80. Thiago Godoi

      Amazing. Congrats

    81. 0oJoe


    82. Breeze Superman

      Hello.. 2 Angeles.. I love you..

    83. BWWKH


    84. Gaurav Pradhan

      Beautiful ♥️ Love the way you enjoy the process while you sing ♥️

    85. Ken Wagler

      ONe of the few songs by Allie I did not like. But then,,,,you cant bat 1,000 ! Allies still AWESOME!!

    86. Nilda Servillo barbosa

      Allie ..e essa loira linda, um show.

    87. Margaret Thompson

      Wow Allie the ending the ending no guitar vocals only.. Were totally amazing. I knew you had great vocals from being a mom of a singer. But hunny that ending blew me away!!! Your one in a million.

    88. Fernando Jr.


    89. Ken ross

      Allie, you are great guitar player and a wonderful singer.

    90. Deb Gangemi

      Amazing and powerful! Oh Allie, you have such a gift in your voice and in your heart. I am so glad you share it with all of us who can't make it to Dublin!

    91. jo

      So much feeling in Allie's singing, you just can't help to be drawn in to her world of emotion's

    92. Talisson talis

      Congrets you guys are amazing together 😻❤

    93. 울산재활용


    94. Diana Olson


    95. Sarah LaMar

      Y'all I was holding my breath!

    96. Army plantônica BTS

      Brazil, i love you!! ❤️

    97. dyan hitsugaya

      indonesia hadir kakak 😍 terus berkarya kak

    98. rodrigo alvarez


    99. Dodie Anderson


    100. Langga Qoe

      While cooking our breakfast, im love listening the song,oh! I love it 👌❤️👏