Taylor Castro - Muse with a Dagger | Allie Sherlock Cover

Allie Sherlock

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    Hey everyone, hope you all enjoy this song by "Taylor Castro - Muse With A Dagger"
    Link below to the original song.

    If you'd like to check out the original version of this song you can follow this link: vibe.to/Muse
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    3. Jeannie Louise

      Allie you’re just amazing. The world is your oyster beautiful girl. xx

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      trop géniale

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      hej!Volim te!(I love you😉)

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      Nr 1 ,de mondo



    9. Jaime Lomod

      congrats Allie ....day by day you are growing sssssso beautiful....we love u....GOD give u a super talent...give glory to HIM who give u...JESUS

    10. Tózera C

      Do you sing well, but do you have any music you can sing without reading the lyrics?

    11. Benas Šidlauskas

      Never heard the original but then again kinda scared to even give it a try after what you just did.. loved this cover to bits!

    12. theBeachcomber

      huge fan here...

    13. theBeachcomber

      beautiful Allie

    14. Antônio Alcides

      Allie você tem muinto talento linda te acho uma fofurinha cantando e tocando violão eu sou brasileiro e sou seu fã número um deus te proteja com tudo de bom

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      Happy 🤗😍😘👍👏🎸🎸the love 💓 your

    16. John Brown

      You look incredibly beautiful

    17. Chatterbox Popsi

      Hi allie

    18. Ethan Dark

      Beautifull, you sing really well and i like your voice, I say hello to you from France^^

    19. Nelson Balubal

      ilove u..

    20. Luke Gibson

      What made/type is that guitar?

    21. Tom Moor

      Wow! What a range

    22. MAFI MAFI

      Bravo preciosa 👏👏👏👏

    23. M L

      glittering eyes full of passion for the music you make (the music you make for us) thank you

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      Allie 🎶🎸🎙️💗🥰🎵👏🇨🇴

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      This is a comment.

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      Schön, dass es Dich gibt.

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    29. Al Kennedy

      Beautiful voice nice singing , love ya BigAl California.

    30. nilan pradeep de silva

      love you Allie

    31. robin Matheussen

      Thumbs up from norway

    32. Glenn Greenstein

      Allie I think I am my Own Muse...Oooo

    33. Francisco Depaula do Egito

      Você é linda.....👏👏👏👏

    34. Vicente Casal

      Brutaliiiiii Allie!!!!!!!!!

    35. Koijam varun

      Take.care of ur health too....darlin.!

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      Brilliant Allie

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      TE AMOOOOO Y YA💙💜🇲🇽

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    39. Jimbo Dinan

      liked it

    40. Max petersilie

      You all have to Google Allie Sherlock Nu... you know what i mean

    41. Dodie Anderson

      USA fan. ❤️

    42. Sanski Dk

      Bravo Allie 🤗


      Ánimo campeona.

    44. Fester Artix

      nothing but the most beautiful woman with the most beautiful voice. just heart melting

    45. Fester Artix


    46. Jacinto Gonzalez

      Her tempo fails, as always. The vocal technique needs more study. Her musical sense, EXTRAORDINARY.

    47. Howie Grossman

      Nice t see you


      allie your voice and fantastic

    49. bruce fisher

      Love that she is still seeking to stretch her range of musical talents. That horizon is limitless. Well done kid.

    50. Ivan Burda

      You got it all, Allie. The voice, the guitar, the looks, the smile, the determination ... this combinations is a killer, really. Best of luck to you!

    51. PLUME

      Waouh beautiful, I love, if some have a little time, I'm starting to make covers and it could help me if you could give me 2, 3 tips 😁

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    53. Csaba Trautmann

      nagyon jó vagy

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      Esta grande Allie...🤗🌹

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      Waah😲 Nice I m like Your song❤🙏💪

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      Ever heard of a guitar pick

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      🙏🏽👣🐾🐬🐄🐘🐄🐝🕊🌳💚🌍🕉☮️. Relaxing morning.

    59. William Fowler

      Another great performance

    60. Jerome Tundag

      Hi Allie can you train me a guitar lesson 😍

    61. John Hipwell

      You are amazing !!!! I cant get voice out of head!!!!

    62. toni irawan

      good table.

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    64. Keith Fisher

      The plant likes the feel of your hair! 😂

    65. Ricard Valeta Ibañez

      Adorable Allie 😍😍💜💜😘😘👍🏻👍🏻


      @alliesherlock - This girl is one of a kind.... im talking freddie mercury, whitney etc.... i wish you sooooooo much success, Dont let the industry kill you. You make everyone happy to hear you sing... never forget that

    67. Kent Melenich

      Just fantastic!!!!

    68. Lotti


    69. Barbie Castro

      Thank you!!! Beautiful ❤️🤗🙏🏻😍

    70. Ali Saeed

      It hard not to notice the plant 🌱 touching her head 😬😬😬😬😬

    71. GNOOS_

      Power !!!

    72. Bonn Pancho

      One of the best covers of this song if not better than the original

    73. Jackie Chen

      哈喽哇⊙ω⊙hello there~

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      JUST WOW

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      Hiiii😍😍😍😍😍your so sweet😍😍😍

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      More powerful than ANY studio!

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      I am your fan from Indonesia🇮🇩

    78. jean claude serol

      jolie fille jolie voix

    79. Bhushan Kharkar

      When you use your voice cracks as your advantage:

    80. cosme maia maia

      QLindaaaaaaLove, Parabéns pelo cover Top bjs pra ti amorrrrrr, E nós Gaes Brasil

    81. VanessaCarter

      I think oh darling, by the Beatles would sound amazing by Allie 🤭🤭

    82. Carvin Smith

      Beautiful voice love it


      Supeerrrb voice 🤩

    84. kar stephlyn

      I'm in love with the person that I did not even see in person ):

    85. Xavier SW

      Your voice amazing Your beautiful U play guitar YOUR VERY BEAUTIFUL dont blame me for that i already said that but anyway what do you want more?

    86. Denis LaMadeleine

      Thank you Allie, that was beautiful.

    87. MaxPanicked

      Music has become work for you; I blame your dad to some degree. You're slightly losing your soulful expression. I hope you can turn it around.

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    89. jo

      Absolutely Beautiful .....

    90. Jose L Rivera

      Good morning Puerto Rico!!!

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      I love you so much ❤️❤️

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      very original

    93. ron freeman

      That pesky palm, loves you, as we do Allie...Beautiful!!

    94. Lemmy Mace

      I absolutely loved it so much!!! Every song you sing you make it sound so amazing and beautiful!!!

    95. yenito esteves

      My fave one ☝️

    96. Jinedzfamily vlog

      Sending my full support here new friend from phillipines thank you so much

    97. RASIT RA

      One day we will meet Allie Serlhock

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    100. Kugenesan Suresh Kumar

      Not trying to be mean, you sound like you're drunk.