David Gray - This Year’s Love | Allie Sherlock Cover

Allie Sherlock

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    Hey everyone, I sang "This Year’s Love by David Gray". It is such a beautiful song & I've only recently discovered him and I think his music is amazing.
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    1. Lemmy Mace

      You sang that song so beautifully!!! Absolutely Brilliant and so amazing!!! Loved it so much!!!

      1. Lemmy Mace

        @Allie Sherlock You are so welcome!!!

      2. Allie Sherlock

        Thank you 😊

    2. marty snooks

      I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard the cadence or tried something new, but your voice would crush this song if it was sung as planned.

    3. CAS santos


    4. Filip Gajtanovski

      Lovely as always. What is the best go-to fingerstyle technique you recommend?

    5. werewolf5674

      Your voice relaxes me. So beautiful and smooth. More please.💚☘🇮🇪

    6. Los Be Beast

      She sounded great but I wonder if the missed lyrics, especially heavy at the end, were purposeful bc it took a lot away from the performance



    8. vertclimbergaz

      Amazing 👌👌

    9. ศุภกิจ หมัดหมุด

      She is beautiful and she is good.

    10. Gg Man

      She's had a shocker here. Didn't do her homework

    11. Max petersilie

      You all have to Google Allie Sherlock Nu... you know what i mean

    12. Zeera Johnson

      SIA in the making.../

    13. Alex Dacumos

      Hi allie the first time i hear you singing i cant resist to watch you all day. Im so amaze about your voice i admire you for bein talented and of course no doubt you so beautiful.

    14. Tony Mills

      Allie you should do another David Gray song, one of his best is - "The One I Love" would be wonderful done by you!

    15. mike greathouse

      You were in the zone. Well done Miss Sherlock

    16. Raymond Rackiewicz

      The three legs of the tripod.

    17. Mahadev Mundhe

      Jay hind jay maharashtra

    18. emmanuel fleury

      Très belle chanson avec une si belle voix elle peut que naitre belle. Bravo a vous

    19. Norman Gabbard

      Beutiful Allie..

    20. Ranielle Macedo

      You are an angel 🥰

    21. digogallagher143

      PLAY OASIS!!!!!

    22. twistee74 twistee74

      You said what b

    23. Live 4Life

      You have a beautiful voice 😍

    24. Hammer315r

      Danielle: "Can I use your bathroom first?" *Walks in between them* Eli: "DUDE" Matthew: "I know" Klitz: "Duuude" Matthew: "I know." How I loved that movie, and This Year's Love as its theme song.

    25. Sharon Bowen

      Absolutely amazing voice 👍

    26. Paul Jude Boyce

      Brilliant allied, and a great tune, 💯💯

    27. Lorraine Rice

      My favourite song you smashed it galxx

    28. colin erswell


    29. John Fyffe

      Beautiful lady beautiful song 💕 her

    30. Harold Boyer

      Awesome voice..

    31. David Lopez

      Absolutely amazed with your talent.

    32. Julie Cyster

      I love David Grey and you sing his song beautifully ❤️

    33. Петр Петров

      Allie so good singles and sorry my English you fantastic baby be happy with your sorry then k you

    34. Bhav

      The girl next door

    35. chris Noble

      Allie try another Daviiidddd Greey song called ... "My Oh My!"

    36. Quang Thanh

      You are more and more beautiful. So cute! 💕💌

    37. craftygurl74

      Beautiful voice sweetie wishing you the best! ❤️🤩



    39. Dony Amorim

      Princesss 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💋🇧🇷

    40. star light

      Allie you always amaze me

    41. Maria Kawasaki

      Love and hugs from Japan

    42. Jerome Tundag

      Am Music lover like you Allie Sherlock 😍💞

    43. 4:05 AM Acoustic

      So talented 👍

    44. Richy Boy

      Beautiful 🎶🎤🎵👏🏻👏🏻🙂

    45. Byron Clarson


    46. tsarrite

      That distracting fidgety dude in the back messing with his hair.

    47. Dereck Musik

      Amazing voice out of this world 🙏🏻🇨🇴🎸😍

    48. Jalpah Jalpatec

      lovely song,,,beautiful....

    49. Pinky Davis

      She's so Good 😍😊😎

    50. Sanski Dk

      Bravo Allie 🤗

    51. Kirk Patrick Meade

      Beautiful Allie if your looking for other songs you would like to sing check me out. rupost.info/down/jL3x1hJb3fK7b0lTeIKooA.html Cheers Kirk Patrick Meade

    52. Omar Ubeda

      Siempre tan linda mi amor.

    53. Steven Sambrooks



      Linda de mais!!!! Parabéns 🎉 um sonho lhe escutar!!! No 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    55. David Haynes

      What's more precious in this world than a Beautiful young lady and just her guitar.

    56. son of gaming

      Love you allie 😘💞🇮🇩🇮🇩

    57. EcWG backFisch.

      You have to Go to the voice

    58. Андрей Басов

      Шедеврально! Жги!

    59. 강상희


    60. Husham M

      When I live this life😖

    61. Samyak Mishra

      Belated happy birthday, Allieeeee :)

    62. jolanta9399

      Your voice is amazing. Best regards from Poland.

    63. Alan Martha


    64. Mary Omally

      Amazing Allie!

    65. Ed Swierbinski

      he ROCKS and so do u!

    66. dean hamblett

      Love that song

    67. Devon Chase

      I love that song. You sing it better than he does, lol. Nicely done Allie....!!!

    68. yogi

      Pamungkas to the bone

    69. yogi

      please song pamungkaa-to the bone!!!!

    70. Connor Mcleod

      Fantastic voice..

    71. Ron M


    72. Rebecca Scott

      I love you Allie keep your accent it’s unique I love perfectly imperfect. 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽

    73. Diego Tavares

      Muito bom!

    74. Daniel Oliveira

      Allie you're an angel!

    75. Nelson Miguel

      HI ALLIE beautiful music. 🎼🎶🎼 🤙🇧🇷

    76. Willie Wilson

      Always enjoy soft songs that just calm everything, like it's a perfect world

    77. Drone Grün

      Good afternoon, can I use some songs performed by you for Drone videos?

    78. Paweł Wójciński

      The best wishes from Poland :)

    79. Khalid Rahmani

      Hi sherlok i love you bat i think you dont want see me becuse we live in a poor country lik afganstan bat i see you jast frome your vidio

    80. Глеб Горященко


    81. Randy TenBrink


    82. Mark Twain Mathis

      Girl you’re starting to really incorporate your own sound into each song. You’ve grown so much in your artistry since you started. I’ve been watching your performances since you started. Does your dad have a page for conversations. Love your skills and always love seeing special guest buskers. Stay true to your heart and passion. ❤️

    83. Karie Hackler

      Allie you have such a unique voice!! I Love your songs!! Keep singing 🎶!!!💕💕

    84. David H Lee

      Your voice...a gift to.us all. Thank you

    85. Bryan Thomas

      Whoa....what a great rendition of my favourite song absolutely fantastic such a young up and coming talent,no rubbish just plain brilliant talent

    86. Alip_Ba_Ta Fingerstyle Channel

      Hey guys! I'm new in youtube. Plz check my channel. Ty ❤

    87. j k


    88. 2 idem

    89. 黃子維

      Maybe u can try Avicii’s Dear boy

    90. Noreen Hendry

      love David Gray

    91. Rolland Gervais

      A praiseworthy musical prodigy who just keep performing very soothing and angelic melodies that leaves us speechless at the sound of her heavenly voice. Bravo my sweet " Angel ".

    92. Jurek Szymański

      Hi Allie, Twój śpiew jest fantastyczny i śpiew tak samo dziękuję i pozdrawiam Was serdecznie dowidzenia 🇵🇱💐🥀

    93. Jurek Szymański

      Hi Allie beautiful is your song and musc thank you very very mach bey bey 🇵🇱💐🥀

    94. Rafis Rafis


    95. Maggi Shingarova

      Hi Allie. It would be great if you sing something by Harry Styles!!

    96. Ian Barron

      A bad case of fleebitus in the background there

    97. Kognition Design

      So wonderful! 💕

    98. lissiamusic

      😻 whats the guitar model?

    99. jose Lj

      Hermosa voz😍

    100. Daniel Beron